Al Fresco Barbuzzo Late Night Dining

We somehow lucked out and snagged an outside table at Barbuzzo at the last minute. It was a perfect night for outdoor dining. Since it was the night before memorial day, it wasn’t all that crazy. I had actually eaten a big dinner already so I was just here to hang out and have a drink… and perhaps get some dessert.
My sanguinello! It was tasty, but not very strong. Usually, I feel it within a sip or two of any drink. With this, I did not feel it at all. Oh well, it was still enjoyable.
The chicken liver and foie gras mousse, with brandied cherry, pistachio salt, and radish sprouts. It’s served with some bread and a shredded beet salad. So good! M thought it was pretty darn good. Not as good as homemade stuff she’s had before from a french person, but still up there.
I recommended that M order the fideua, since I’d tried it before and loved it. Here it is with smoked chourico sausage, calamari, shrimp, mussels, greens, roasted shrimp noodles, and aioli. It’s still great. And it’s a lot bigger than I remember it being. It’s a pretty huge serving considering this is a small plates place.
So even if I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t going to be at Barbuzzo and not get the salted caramel budino. Yeah, it’s still fantastically awesome. M hadn’t had it before and she was so surprised at how good it was! She wasn’t even hungry at this point but she helped me devour it. You can’t help but devour this dessert!
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