Arches National Park

Arches National Park was the one park that I had been to before. But you know what? It’s still amazing. It’s a pretty small park, but there is plenty to see, and it has one of my favorite hikes in the universe – devil’s garden trail. It includes everything you would want in a good hike, is incredibly challenging, and never boring. And it’s long. It will make you hungry! The hike to delicate arch (see above) is not that interesting, but totally worth it to see this wonder. It’s famous for a reason, people, because it’s rather awesome.
So be sure to take snacks for along the way, like a banana. We ate a lot of bananas, as we always grabbed a bunch from our continental breakfast at the motel. And apples too, we took a lot of apples from the breakfast fruit bowl. Cookies don’t hold up very well in the heat, especially ones with chocolates in them. But dried fruit works wonders and so do fig newtons, so pack some. And obviously, it goes without saying, take lots of water. You’ll need it.
There isn’t food available in most of the national parks. So be sure to bring food with you. So yet again, it was another sandwich. We just picked up some sandwiches from the grocery store, and since we were always starving, they were always delicious. The hardest thing about eating these was how windy it was out. Man! We had to hold onto everything, and not just the sandwiches. We ended up giving up half way through and then eating in the car. I love this park because everything is so big and weird looking, but it’s a really easy park to get around.

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