Cafe Diablo – Torrey

When driving through most of Southern Utah, you’ll realize there really isn’t much of anything at all. Between national parks, there’s a whole lotta nothin. You may run through a small town here and there but there typically isn’t much to eat. But once in a blue moon, you’ll actually find fine dining. Cafe Diablo serves innovative southwestern cuisine in the tiny town of Torrey. The place is fairly big and colorful and there’s a large outdoor patio area where much of it is shaded. There’s no bugs here people, you definitely want to eat outside whenever you can! We stopped here for lunch so even though it was fine dining (aka expensive), everything was fairly affordable.
Here’s S’s torta de carne el carbon. It looks like a hot mess but it’s a char grilled flank steak sandwich with roasted tomatoes, onions, chimichurri, with wedge potatoes. This was really good! I wish i’d gotten this. The meat was tasty, so were the veggies, the sauce was good, everything just worked. It was a bit of a mess to eat, but that wasn’t a big deal.
I got the beef tenderloin and lettuce rolls. When I read lettuce rolls, I envisioned lettuce wrapped around stuff, but what ended up on the plate was beef tenderloin sitting on top of
shaved aged cheese sitting on top of lettuce that was filled with crisp tortilla strips, roasted corn, mild anaheim chile dressing. It was just weird and really difficult to eat. There just wasn’t any particular taste that I cared for. Since I was starving and needed fuel, it did the job, but I wasn’t all that interested in it. Better luck next time!
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