Eklecticafe – Moab

There are plenty of coffee shops in Moab, but none of them are as electic as the Eklecticafe. It’s in a little house and the front yard is a lush and abundant garden, complete with a strange mosaic urn that oozes smoke. Is that dry ice? Or a smoke machine? I don’t know. But I dig it.
The inside is just as kooky. They sell arts and crafts stuff in there as well, so there are display cases full of jewelry and stuff and wares on the walls everywhere. In fact, there isn’t much room to maneuver as you have to go aroun all of this stuff. Seems like a bloody fire hazard to me. When it comes to food, they have hot breakfast items, pastries, and of course, coffee. I got a caramel latte and it as quite tasty. S got an americano, and she said that her americano from the Eklecticafe was her favorite coffee of the entire trip.

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Eklecticafe – Moab
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