Love Muffin – Moab

I just went on a 10-day adventure through southern utah. It ended up being a freakish amount of hiking, more than we ever thought possible. But it was all awesome. Despite my corneal ulcer forcing me to wear glasses the whole time and the car accident we got into the first 2 hours into the trip (damn you punks in the minivan) it turned out to be a great trip, a great and tiring trip. The first three nights were spent in Moab. Our motel was next to the adorable Love Muffin Cafe. See how beautiful it is outside in the reflection? Think about waking up to that every day.
They sell coffee, pastries, hot breakfast, sandwiches, and other snacks. Look, they even sell t-shirts.
I loved their decor and they had tons of cool art everywhere. It was colorful in a tasteful way. It was pretty sizeable, with plenty of seating inside and outside.
My latte, although tiny, was really the best latte I had my whole trip. We got sandwiches to go from here for our first day out adventuring. More on that later!
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