Paris Baguette Cafe

Inside the H Mart building in Elkins Park, there are a bunch of little shops, including Paris Baguette. It’s a korean chain that you may find around the country, in neighborhoods that are heavy on the korean.
It’s a bread and pastry shop… but they don’t sell hoagie rolls and macarons. It’s a korean-french bakery so mostly, it’s a bunch of sweets. There’s some loaf breads but lots of individual cakes and pastries. There pan and filled breads, donuts, pies, and such.
Here are some of the really pretty cakes.
They also have some loaded waffles.
Here are just a few of the dozen random breads I picked up. They’re all good in their own way. It’s a good thing I don’t live near here because I would probably eat way too much of it!

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Paris Baguette Cafe

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