Stan’s Burger Shak – Hanksville

After leaving Moab, we headed westward, and spent an evening in Hanksville. It’s a town that’s about 50 ft long. Our motel was within walking distance from Stan’s Burger Shak. In fact, our continental breakfast was there and you get a coupon for the place upon check in. With very few other options, we had to check it out. It’s attached to a gas station, so it’s handy too.
Here’s another animal head!
S was feeling a bit healthy, so she got the turkey and avocado sandwich. White bread, I love crappy white bread like this. I bet I would have liked this sandwich.
I wasn’t feeling healthy so I got a buffalo burger and onion rings. These onion rings were way overcooked so it was a crunchy mess. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, but really, they should have paid attention a bit more so they were cooked correctly. Did this burger taste like buffalo? I have no idea, this was my first time eating a buffalo burger. It tasted pretty much like a regular meaty burger, but maybe a tiny bit different. But it wasn’t anything offensive or even too noticeable. I liked it just fine. It was a formidable burger, considering it was attached to a gas station. When in Hanksville, be sure to visit!

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