Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park… I mean seriously folks, Bryce F’in Canyon. This place is unbelievably awesome. I mean, it just is! Look at it!!! We hiked around the rim and nearly fell into the canyon many times due to the freakishly strong winds. And there’s nothing to hold onto. But who cares about possible death, look how amazing it is!
We hiked a whole helluva lot, and I ended up cracking into my haribo gummi bears. That’s right people, I’m a grown person and I love me some gummi bears!
We probably ate a sandwich during our hiking, because that’s pretty much what we ate whenever we were hiking in the parks. It seriously got me to not being that into sandwiches. And I’m still not sure I’ve recovered! But this navajo trail hike? Totally worth it! Do it!

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