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For our epic visit to Bryce Canyon, we set up camp in Tropic, Utah. Yes folks, it’s another teensy town in the middle of nowhere. The food choices were particularly paltry. So late at night on a sunday, after driving around aimlessly, we just ended up down the street at Clarke’s. We were absolutely starving. Freshly baked warm bread with whipped butter… yum!
Here’s where things just get nuts. This is supposed to be a chef salad. Yes, a chef salad. But instead, what we got was a giant heap of chopped ham and some actual salad parts. It was beyond ridiculous. And it took S about 5 solid minutes to pick out all the ham. And it filled a big bowl. And it really pissed her off. I understand that some people want a bit of protein in their salads, but really, a salad is a salad for a reason, because someone wants a salad. If she wanted to order a plate of ham with a side of greens, that’s what she would have ordered. Clarke’s, you seriously need to rethink the contents of your chef salad. For the love of food, please reconsider the proportions.
I lucked out because I ordered the veggie burger, which was just fine. I also got a little side salad with my burger and that was fine too, because it was actually a salad and not a giant bowl of ham. Service was fine but we felt slightly out of place.

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