Devil’s Den – Beer Week

I missed most of Philly Beer Week this year because my vacation was unfortunately scheduled smack dab in the middle of it. It’s not a terrible thing, because I’m not the greatest drinker in the world, let alone beer drinker, but I was bummed about not being able to catch some of the more food related events. But on the last sunday, which may not have even officially been part of the week, I did get to catch one beer at Devil’s Den. That’s not a picture of my beer, that’s water, obviously, but I promise that I did drink a beer. It was a small and strong beer. I didn’t quite care for it, but I swear it happened!
You can get proper entrees and such here, but they also have a cheese and meat plate from Di Bruno Brothers. Yum! It came with some cured meats, cheese, nuts, dried cranberries, honey, and bread! And it was a lovely evening to sit outside, nibble on some cheese, and get loaded. No, I didn’t get loaded on one beer! Sheesh!

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