Foster’s Steakhouse

With very few other options near the motel, I ventured out a little bit for dinner at Foster’s Steakhouse. There’s also a motel and a little store. It’s like its own little mini town. I really liked their paper placemats.
All the entrees come with bottomless soup or salad. I’d been craving salad for days, so I was really happy about the opportunity to eat soup again. I went with the french onion. It wasn’t the most fancy french onion soup in the world. Where were the rest of the croutons or the cheese? It didn’t matter. It was still pretty darn good and I knew it was homemade, and that’s really all that mattered to me.
I got a chicken stir-fry dish and it made me happy. It wasn’t anything exciting either, but I was happy to have veggies, and most of all, I was beyond ecstatic to have rice. I hadn’t had rice in what seemed like weeks, so the asian in me was craving it. The flavor of the sauce was probably just mostly soy sauce, which didn’t really do it for me, but everything was prepared well. It came with a load of garlic bread, because you know, that totally goes with rice and stir-fry. It was actually quite good, but there was way too much of it.
I was stuffed at this point but had to get a piece of their foster’s pie, to go. I think it had apples and berries and rhubarb and it was really good. I love me some pie and this was definitely excellent pie!

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