Good Eatz Green Cafe – Hamburg

Before attempting to hike the pinnacle, we had a pit stop in Hamburg for brunch at Good Eatz. It was important to fuel up. It’s in an adorable little downtown part of Hamburg. I had no idea Hamburg was so cute! Even though I don’t have these kinds of dietary restrictions, they offer a diverse menu and can cater to those with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and other special dietary needs. They feature local, organic, and sustainable goods. It’s definitely got a hippie vibe.
Here’s the spinach and sun-dried tomato Omelette with feta cheese. It’s served with a healthy portion of potatoes and toast, in this case, sourdough. I had to taste these potatoes, and they were good! They were browned and crispy on the outside and actually cooked on the inside! Win!
Here are my potato pancakes with grilled apple, smoked chevre cheese, red onion, and a side of sour cream. There’s something about pancakes made of potatoes vs pancakes made of flour, substance. These weren’t even that big, but I could barely eat like one and a half of these. They were dense and full of potatoes. It was nice to have some apples for some sweet but also some onions for some savory. The cheese was a bit too goat-y for me, so I stuck with the fresh sour cream. The servers were super nice here!

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