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After hiking 70+ miles over 8 days, we rewarded ourselves by heading back to Vegas and stuffing our gourds at the Studio B Buffet at the M Resort. With the grave number of sandwiches we were forced to eat during the majority of the trip, we’d certainly earned this ticket to gluttony. We were there to catch the tail end of lunch.
So the place is rather ginormous, with all kinds of different stations. There’s even free wine, as much as you can drink. So it’d be fairly easy to get tanked her.
There’s all sorts of random asian food… sushi, thai, even korean bbq and kimchi.
They had this tilapia grilled on bamboo served with mango salsa. I loved it!
Mexican food!
Mediterranean food! Even stuffed grape leaves!
The fried food contingent was well represented.
So was the bbq contingent.
There was also a variety of cold cuts, cheeses, and cold salads of all kinds.
There was even some fruit for those of you healthier folk out there.
Dessert was super fun! There was a little bit of everything! In addition to gelato, there were tons of cakes and pastries and cookies and such. And well, we’re not going to lie to you, we tried pretty much everything! None of it was truly exciting except for the macaroons. They were the best! And in general, this buffet was great. The food is of high quality, fairly fresh, and especially for lunch and the fact that it includes wine, a pretty awesome bargain. We stuffed ourselves silly, and we didn’t feel bad about it!

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