Adsum Brunch

We didn’t even know if Adsum served brunch when we were walking around looking for a place to brunch. Even the people at Adsum weren’t that sure. Apparently, they do, starting at 11AM. But there were absolutely no signs of life there at all, and it was slightly after 11. There were some other people milling around outside too, probably wandering the same thing. When we finally asked somebody, they said oh, yeah, we are now. There were only two tables the entire time we were there, and we were the first ones to be seated. We weren’t the first ones to get menus or coffee or food.
Eventually, we got menus, and even more eventually, they brought over coffee. The coffee was good and we all enjoyed it. Yay for free refills! And it’s a good thing too, as we had to wait a hell of a long time for our food. I actually timed it, and we didn’t get fed until 45 minutes after being seated. This does not seem normal. I don’t know about you, but if there are two tables total, does it take 45 minutes to make three dishes for one of the tables? We were all so, so, so, so hungry. Luckily, we were enjoying each other’s company.
Here’s the omelette of the day, which happened to be a veggie one. When I ordered, he asked for a side of home fries. Guess what? The omelette already comes with home fries. You’d think the server would have let him know that, but no, he just took the order anyway. He did get the extra side of the home fries and they were quite good, I was lucky enough to eat most of them.
Here’s the croque madame with black forest ham, smoked gouda, b├ęchamel, brioche, and an egg. Pretty good stuff! This also comes with home fries.
Here’s my mascarpone and strawberry stuffed french toast. This was pretty damn good and decadent, however, it came with frozen strawberries. That disappointed me to no end. It’s summer. This isn’t IHOP. Would it have killed you to get some fresh strawberries? If you’re going to charge me $12 for basically just two thick pieces of bread, at least do me the decency of using fresh strawberries. I know there’s been a lot of drama here with chefs changing and what not, but I was pretty disappointed with this brunch, especially the service. Waiting 45 minutes for frozen strawberries irked me, something fierce!

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