Ed’s Chicken & Crabs

What was supposed to be a nice and leisurely camping trip to the beaches of delaware ended up becoming death-defying and the most expensive camping trip I’ve ever had. You see, one should not walk on slippery jetty rocks with $2 old navy flip-flops. If one does that, they are sure to fall into the ocean and almost lose their life. I left alive, but badly dinged and scratched up. What did not live were my camera (bye bye canon sd1000) and my barely 8-month old android phone (bye bye htc aria). It certainly gave me an excuse to buy a new camera (hello canon s95) and go back to my old phone (hello crappy blackberry curve) but really, this $30 camping trip did not have to end up costing me an arm and a leg for new gadgets. The whole point of the trip was to eat crabs, so after administering first aid to myself, we headed over to Ed’s Chicken & Crabs in Dewey Beach. It’s pretty much a shack with outdoor seating, so you go up to the window and order. Then you grab a table, some paper towels, and get to tearing some shit up.
I wasn’t necessarily up for cracking open a whole bunch of blue crab, so we cheated and just got a mixed seafood platter and a couple of the crabs. It takes a lot of effort to eat blue crabs, and I was a bit sore and dejected from defying death, so I thought I could handle just one. The platter had steamed shrimp, scallops, different crab legs, and lobster tail. This platter wasn’t anything particularly exciting, but I enjoyed it. You also get some cole slaw and a roll and easily, some of the best corn-on-the-cob you’ve ever had. I absolutely love the corn from Ed’s. I don’t know what they do to it, sprinkle it with meth dust or whatever, but it’s just the damn best. The whole blue crab were good too, even though they’re manually intensive to eat. Sometimes, you gotta do some work for your food! Gosh I love crab season!
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