Fractured Prune

When you drive around the main highway drag at the delaware seashore, you will inevitably pass Fractured Prune. You think to yourself “what the hell is a fractured prune?”, then you see the words “hot hand dipped donuts” which make you turn your car around and head on in.
Yes, hot hand dipped donuts is exactly what they serve. They have all kinds of crazy special donuts with candy and chocolate and nuts and whatever other wacky toppings they can think of, but you can also just decide on various flavored glazes. We chose to go traditional and just got one plain and one lemonade, which has a nice and simple lemon glaze. These were indeed hot and hand dipped and everything we thought they would be. Even the plain was unbelievably good. It’s dense and super moist, and since they were so fresh, hot! The lemon glaze was lemony, but not in an artificial way, and it wasn’t overly sweet either. They were both some of the best donuts ever!
They also have a highly efficient ordering system. When you order, they hand you a card from a deck. They write that down on the outside of the box. Then on the inside of the box, they write down your order. The peeps actually dipping the donuts fill up the box. Then once the box is filled, they yell out your card. Then you pick up your magical box of hot donuts. It’s genius actually. So kudos to you Fractured Prune! They also have other food and drinks there, but who the hell cares about that when there are hot hand dipped donuts everywhere! Don’t miss it!
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Fractured Prune
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    Ahh! These donuts look incredible.

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