My First Waffle House

Can you believer I’ve never been to Waffle House? It’s true! So on the way back home from delaware, we stopped at one of the couple Waffle Houses we passed. Looks like there isn’t a Waffle House in greater philly. You have to go out to Lancaster or a bit deeper into Delaware than just across the border. I’ve seen these yellow signs plenty of times during my travels, but never felt compelled to go in. Well, I finally broke my Waffle House cherry.
They have waffles here. But not just waffles of course, but other breakfast type items, burgers, sandwich, y’know, diner type stuff. It was way past breakfast and lunch time, but you can get breakfast any time here. And who doesn’t love laminated placemats?
We got some waffles, bacon, eggs, and hash brown. That’s about as breakfast-y as breakfast gets. Everything was great! The waffles are big and thin and not crispy, and that’s not a bad thing. As much as I like the big motel do-it-yourself waffles which tend to have a crispy outside, these waffle house waffles are just great. It soaks up the butter and syrup so every bite is moist. And I absolutely love hash browns like this, the ones with the shredded potatoes. There’s just something about browned and crispy potatoes cooked on a big old griddle. It’s hard to duplicate that at home. And well, all this food pretty much cost next to nothing. I loved it!

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My First Waffle House
  1. molly says:

    I love waffle house actually especially when im traveling (usually to south carolina) next time you go try the scrambled eggs with cheese oh its delicious! and in deleware there is a very good mexican resturant called la tolteca, very good nacho’s and basically everything on the menu. :) happy eating

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