Santucci’s recently opened a location in Bella Vista. Apparently, it had been in the works for a long time, and voila, it finally opened! It’s bright and inviting on the inside, and is super casual. There aren’t too many tables, as it seems mostly to be a takeout place.
I read that they hand cut all the potatoes for their fries so I wanted to try out their sweet potato fries. None of the food came out quickly. In fact, all of the food took a long ass time to come out. I guess that’s what preparing every fresh and by hand takes. When these came out, I was a little disappointed with the portion. I thought wow, that bowl, which is the size of a soup bowl, is barely filled with fries. They tasted just fine. But with this type of portion, I thought this could get interesting. But then the rest of the food came out.
This is a personal size pizza. When I envisioned personal, I thought of the small pizza hut sized personal pizzas. Um, this pizza is pretty big for being called “personal”. Unless that said “person” belongs to a sumo stable. I’m thinking these were at least 9×9 if not 10×10. In any case, it was pretty damn big for a personal pizza. We each had two slices and couldn’t possibly eat any more. I was also really expecting a sweet sauce because that’s what everything I had read had said, but I didn’t find it sweet at all. I found it quite zesty and fresh tasting. But this is coming from a person whose favorite pizza sauce is from Franzone’s, and you know that is the sweetest of the sweet sauces around. So to me, Santucci’s sauce isn’t sweet at all! Overall, I quite liked it. But we both loved the crust. It’s not thin, but it’s not thick, and it’s not doughy. It’s a nice mix of chewy with a bit of crispness on the outside. And I’m definitely a fan of sauce on the top pizzas.
I also wanted to try the meatballs. You get four ginormous meatballs and a giant heap of spaghetti with gravy, yeah, I said gravy. The spaghetti looks fresh made too, as it’s a rectangular shaped noodle. These meatballs were awesome! They’re so huge that eating one is pretty much enough. This plate could easily feed four people. There’s visible bits of carrots too, so you know there’s even vegetables in those suckers! They’re cooked well, nothing is burnt, nothing is raw, and you don’t have to chew these very hard in your mouth. We’re big fans!

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  1. MrMarsellus says:

    Hey, thanks for posting all of the vital information about the restaurant, including but not limited to,phone number, address, and hours of operations. Now the few people who read the review have no means whatsoever to obtain the product being reviewed.

  2. Taylor says:

    Just wanted to comment that the spaghetti looks like a “spaghetti bear” with two meatball ears, two meatball feet, and eyes, nose and mouth out of whatever that black stuff is. Kinda cute for a spaghetti monster!

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