S&H Kebab House

S&H Kebab House is a turkish spot just off of south street. I wonder what the S and H stand for. There’s some dining on the outside, but there was no way in hell we were going to torture ourselves in that heat. So we dined inside. They also have a website where you can order food, make reservations, etc. They’ve definitely embraced the interwebs.
Their hummus! It’s served with a basket of warm pita bread. Yum!
Here are the Manti. These are a turkish version of dumpings. They are steamed, filled with lamb, and topped with garlic yogurt sauce, a tomato based sauce, and mint. These are super tiny and cute! We thoroughly enjoyed these.
But really, I came here for the adana kebap. This is hand chopped lamb flavored with red bell peppers, light hot peppers, paprika and grilled. You also get two different types of rice, grilled whole tomato and pepper, and some raw and marinated veggies. These kebaps are wonderful and seasoned really well. Because it’s chopped, everything is super tender. The rice sides were a bit overdone and mushy, but I didn’t mind. Be warned – these peppers may not look hot, but they are. So don’t go and swallow them whole, unless you like the pain. Service was nice and friendly!

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