Le Saigon

On a night with one of those horrendous downpours where you can’t see a foot in front of you, I ended up having dinner with A in Paoli at Le Saigon. It was pretty deserted on this weekday holiday. I hadn’t been there in years, and it certainly seems the menu has changed. There’s actually pho permanently on the menu now, which is a nice plus! And there’s also many more dishes that seem straight up chinese. These dumplings were pretty standard pork filled steamed dumplings. These were good, but nothing special.
A always gets the lemongrass chicken at any vietnamese restaurant she goes to, so she went with that again. She liked it just fine.
It was too humid for pho and I wanted something different, so I got the sesame tofu. It was basically like sesame chicken, only with tofu triangles. It was pretty good! When it got cold, it wasn’t nearly as good because the tofu got pretty hard and too chewy, but otherwise, it was a good base for the sweet and savory sauce. Service was just fine. We don’t have that many options for vietnamese food in the burbs, so this is a pretty good one.

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