Making Impromptu Stew

Labor day weekend at the poconos was relaxing, nature-filled, and full of good home-cooked meals. How can you not relax seeing ducks cruising around a lake?
Since M is an awesome cook, she made us a stew where she basically threw things together. To start, take your stew meat and cut it into cubes. Dredge it in flour and then brown in your pot.
Browned stew meat. Nom.
Then in a big old pot throw in the meat, some broth (there was one can of chicken so we used that), onions, celery, sweet potatoes (because we didn’t have regular potatoes), carrots, tomatoes, crushed garlic, dried chives, sage, bay leaf, a couple of yuenglings, and maybe a little cooking wine. Then we just let it cook for hours. It does not get any easier.
Once we got back from kicking it at the lake and beach and doing pretend gymnastics, there was a giant pot of delicious stew awaiting us. The meat was super tender. There was a thick and delicious broth. The sweet potatoes were amazing. It was perfect! I never realized how easy it was.

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