Poconos Eats

I rarely eat a hearty breakfast on any normal day. But I relish it when I do. This is what a whole package of bacon looks like when cooked. Bacon is amazing. And M cooked down romaine lettuce with chicken broth and this is what we got. Cooked romaine? Delicious! There was also scrambled eggs, peaches, and hot dog bun toast to round out this breakfast. It was excellent fuel for our 14-mile bike ride along Lehigh gorge.
When we got back, it was time to eat again. There’s nothing like nature, clean air, and exercise to make you just want to eat all the time. More romaine! And random veggies like green beans, eggplant, and tomatoes.
Corn on the cob! I ate two.
M cooked up some chicken breast with an orange – soy marinade.
We didn’t have much bacon left over for the next morning, so we had to opt for sausage instead.
But the real star of that breakfast was the french toast made from hot dog buns. There was french toast from double fiber bread (!?!) too, but the hot dog buns worked out great! I’m a big fan of just working with what you have, so if hot dog buns is all you have, then by all means, use them!

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