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I had just gone to Little Fish not too long ago, but I loved it so much I wanted to try their sunday night 5-course tasting. Here is the menu for that night on the adorable chalkboard. I like this handwriting. It’s slightly unsure what to do with itself. As usual, this place was packed. While waiting for our courses, they came around with complimentary bread. Some of the bread was a bit burnt, surprisingly. I still ate it anyway, just ignoring the burnt crust.

We started with raw tuna with thinly sliced jalapeno, jicama, and watermelon. This tuna was crazy fresh and just melted in my mouth. All the other ingredients worked really well with the tuna, especially the watermelon! Have you ever had jicama? Don’t be afraid. It’s so light!
Next up was a salad with burrata, thick bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Burrata is a fresh soft cheese made from mozzarella and cream. It actually ends up with a slightly sticky texture. I really like mild cheeses like this, so I quite enjoyed this dish.
Next up was the halibut with roasted eggplant, shredded carrot, cucumber, mint, and peanuts. This was a healthy heaping of halibut, perfectly pan-fried. It was so light, flaky, and perfect.
Then we completely switched it up and moved to the gumbo! It was a traditional louisiana style gumbo, with shrimp, andouille, and even okra. This was some good gumbo!
Lastly, dessert was a plum tart with basil sorbet. The tart was crispity with not overly sweet plums. The sorbet was obviously homemade and delicious. It was another fantastic meal here. Every dish worked. Because it was a set meal, everything came out fairly quickly and the service was fast and efficient. I love this place! And the sunday tasting is definitely worth it. Be sure to get a reservation!

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