The Farm And Fisherman

The Farm and Fisherman is an adorable BYOB in Washington Square West. When you walk in, you really feel like it’s someone’s living room, except it’s full of little dining tables, and a sofa is nowhere to be found. It’s small and intimate and warm. One thing we noticed on the Sunday night that we visited was how young we felt. I’m not sure if maybe it was just that it was Sunday night, but I definitely felt like a young’n. They have a very small menu and I’m a fan of places that do not give me too many things to choose from. It makes my indecisive self feel better.
A roll and homemade butter. The bread was warm, the butter was beyond fresh. It was delicious. We were off to a great start.We ordered one of the beet steak appetizers to share. Instead of one, they actually brought out two individual dishes. They said they found a few big pieces and just split it into two portions. Whoa. These beets must have been humongous, as our individual portions were ginormous! These bloody beet steaks were served with yogurt, shallots, pan drippings, aged balsamic vinegar, and pea leaves. Wow, this thing was like an entree! And it was beyond rich and delicious. I am a big fan of beets anyway, so for anyone that is not, try this to become a convert!
E got the pastured chicken baked in hay. It was served with blue corn grits and mushrooms. She couldn’t stop going on about how awesome it was.
I had the rhode island fluke served with a stew of fall vegetables, curry, almonds, and currants. I was so surprised by how big the portion sizes were! These were two large pieces of fluke, perfectly grilled and placed atop a nice mix of rooty veggies.
For dessert we got the apple strudel with freshly whipped cream. This was perfect. It wasn’t overly sweet and the dough was crispy and flaky. Service was absolutely top notch. The clientele also rocked. There was a big group there celebrating a birthday, and when they saw we didn’t b any of our own b, they offered us some of their wine. How sweet is that? We both thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our experience here. We’ll definitely be back! Note to people out there – this would be a lovely date spot!
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The Farm And Fisherman
  1. I ate there this summer and had one of the best meals I’ve eaten in Philadelphia! The service was very friendly and attentive and the food was absolutely delicious. I’m so glad you had a great experience to– and it looks like I have to go back and try that beet appetizer!

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