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Ramen in Philly, you say? Until Ramen Boy just opened, the only places to get ramen-like bowls of noodles were at Yakitori Boy, Tampopo, Morimoto, and some random pop-up events. And now, Philly has its very own ramen shop. Brought to you by the same people who run Yakitori Boy, Ramen Boy is in Chinatown. It’s a small place, tastefully decorated, where wood rules. The stools at the bar have a big concave dip for your tookus, and ladies, you can store your purses inside this stool. Handy! The menu is simple: 4 ramen options and a few other appetizer type things. I think they also do have curry and tonkatsu, maybe, for those of you wanting an entree, but not wanting ramen.
I got the spicy ramen. I only got the spicy ramen. I did not try the other options. I really enjoyed it. The broth was spicy, but not too spicy so that it was painful to eat. The meat was tender, although there wasn’t enough of it. There were sprouts as well. I liked the noodles in my ramen the best, as it was firm and not overcooked. But like the meat, there wasn’t enough of the noodles. And at $13, I don’t have to be stuffed, but I should be fairly full, and I could have eaten another bowl. I think they really need to rethink their noodle portions. I’ve read some very mixed reviews of the other ramen options so I’m curious to try them all, but I definitely do have to give the spicy one my thumbs up. But they really need to up the amount of noodles if they’re going to charge me what they’re charging me and still leave me hungry.
I’m no ramen expert, aficionado, connoisseur or anything like that. In fact, I would say I really don’t know much about it. I haven’t even been to Ippudo, shame on me. But I have been to Katana-Ya and a few other respectable ramen joints in or near San Francisco and Seattle. I enjoyed my bowl of spicy ramen at Ramen Boy just as much as I enjoyed my spicy ramen in those other places. It’s overpriced though, considering I can get more bang for my buck in San Francisco, but hopefully, they’ll do something about that. We know Philly has a hankering for ramen and I just hope Ramen Boy will step up to sate our hankers!
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Ramen Boy
  1. Oh, I love ramen! Do they have vegetarian options?

  2. Jamie says:

    I waited with baited breath for Ramen Boy to open. I do go to all of the NYC ramen joints and when I pay $14 for a bowl of ramen it better be the best bowl in the world. Ramen boy did not meet expectations simply because the price does not justify the quality. The broth was ok (not amazing not the worst) and I had the chef make me a special bowl of Spicy Miso ramen which I think added some extra flavor and kick to the average broth. The noodles were great….perfectly cooked…..but when the bowl arrived to me at the bar, it just looked so sad and half empty. The bowls are big but they only fill them half way. Either make the price $7 or double the portion. I want Ramen Boy to succeed because I love all things ramen. and I am excited that Nam Nam Ramen will open up in Rittenhouse Sq. in March of 2012. We need some good ramen competition to ensure Philly gets some decent ramen action.

    p.s. I hated the stools and sticking my purse and coat under my seat. That has to change.

  3. Panina(nana) says:

    How long has this place been open for? I was getting really excited until you said you weren’t full…. and for $13, you should be full! If they’re in Chinatown, they should know better than to charge that much for a bowl of noodles… a large bowl of pho (with everything) is only ~$7.95! I’ve been waiting for a good Ramen noodle house to open up in Philly, so I don’t have to travel all the way to NYC for my ramen cravings. Thanks for the review!!

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