Bistro Isakaya – Montreal

I was in Montreal for about one hot minute this summer. I was only there for one dinner and had no car, so I found Bistro Isakaya just a few steps from my downtown hotel. You can’t look into the restaurant from the outside, which I always find slightly creepy. The only thing in the windows were some crudely hand-written menus. But I braved it and went inside. It’s quite not scary on the inside! What was I afraid of?
The gedashi tofu! It’s one of my most favorite japanese dishes, so I try to get this often, when at a new japanese spot. I loved that they served it with grated daikon. There’s just something I love about grated daikon in agedashi tofu and zaru soba. The sauce was a bit on the salty side for me.I had one of the noodle and seafood salad specials that was on a handwritten menu. I thought that because it was a special, it would be rather interesting. It ended up fairly bland. It looked pretty exciting but there just wasn’t much flavor in there. The shrimp was rather flavorless but the crab was good. The avocado wasn’t very ripe either. The best bits were the tomatoes and the crab. The soba noodles didn’t add much. 
By the time I got around to the roll I ordered, I barely had room for it. It was much more exciting than the salad! And the avocado in this was nice and ripe. The service was really good and friendly here. The prices were quite reasonable. The only bad thing was a really loud and annoying couple pretty much next to me. Not only were they stupidly loud, their conversation was just inane and obnoxious. Ugh. But hey, what are you gonna do?
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