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I was in Atlanta for business the other week, and really wanting udon. I was feeling a bit run down from so much travelling in such a short amount of time, so I love to stuff noodle soup in my belly to make myself feel better. I just happened to be near a couple of japanese spots, but I headed out to the one with the best reviews – Umezono. It’s in a really random stripmall, which even has a strip club in it! Unfortunate, but true! There’s also a little japanese grocery store next door. 
Well wouldn’t you know it, this place was an authentic japanese-run joint in the middle of nowhere Atlanta. I’d have never guessed. I just lucked out that my Doubletree was around the corner from it! Actual japanese chefs, servers wearing kimonos, hot towels. It was the real deal!  You get a little tiny bowl of complimentary edamame. I got a little salad too, as my body was craving some items from nature. It happens sometimes, where I really want vegetables.
Everyone knows that I’m crazy about agedashi tofu. Very respectable, but still doesn’t come close to Sagami. 
I went pretty traditional and had a kitsune udon. Who can resist sweet fried tofu? Not this girl! The broth was just right and the noodles were cooked firm, but not overdone. Really, I got super lucky with this place. I could have ended up just about anywhere, but thank goodness for the random work customer site powers that be. If I hadn’t felt so blah I would have definitely tried some sushi. Next time!
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