Golden Lotus – Niagara Falls

Sometimes work takes me to the randomest places. Like Niagara Falls. But on the Canadian side. I hadn’t been there since those junior high orchestra trips to Toronto. We stopped there both times for rides through the falls. Those are some fun memories.

And at these randomest places, sometimes you have to stay across the street from a casino, because that’s where your conference is. So when it came time for dinners, I went across said street and ate. Golden Lotus is a chinese restaurant and buffet at the Fallsview Casino. I was in no physical position to eat my money’s worth at the buffet, so I just dined a la carte.
This is a rather fancy place, so they actually have porcelain dinnerware. And tablecloths! I got hot and sour soup. You know it’s my favorite of the chinese soups. This soup looked amazing! It was super duper hot. It was good, but not nearly as amazing as it looked. It just lacked a certain zest. But you could definitely taste fresh and high quality ingredients.
I love dduk (korean rice cake) and I know that they have it at chinese restaurants sometimes, so I was happy to see it on the menu here. Here is the Seafood Shanghai Rice Cake. Basically, if I had ordered chow fun or ho fun or something, it would have been the same, except instead of a wide flat rice noodle, they used the rice cakes. Yum! The doughy and chewy and hot rice cakes were exactly what I wanted. There were tons of big scallops, shrimp, and squid to. The squid was a little bit funky for my liking (something I often experience when I try squid at chinese places, which doesn’t happen at other types of restaurants when I order it) but the rest of it was great. The other options around my hotel ran the gamut of not-so-amazing chain restaurants. For whatever reason, both the casino and Niagara Falls, in general, were rampant with Chinese tourists. And there were lots of them at this restaurant. So if there’s a chinese restaurant and there’s lots of chinese people dining there, I feel pretty safe with that decision.

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