Post-Sandy Dinner at Pumpkin

Happy 2013! This may be the year of timely blogging… but I doubt it! And in that same spirit, I give you a very, very, very delayed rundown of my last meal at Pumpkin.
Pumpkin held a special post-Hurricane Sandy 3-for-$30 dinner. B was still stuck in town since all flights and trains continued to be cancelled, so we decided to all go out for a nice dinner. The power of twitter! The sweet potato soup with honey miso and apple. This was unbelievable, and it was M’s favorite dish of the entire evening. Seriously Pumpkin, how do you do this? It’s a mild, yet distinct sweet potato taste, and incredibly creamy. You can also taste the very subtle honey miso and apple, and you just want it to never end. This is simply an incredible soup. Bottle this, and I’d drink it every day.
I am a sweet potato freak, but I’m equally a scallop freak, so I opted for the barnegat light scallops as my first. These were 3 healthy sized seared scallops served with a zesty beet and lentil vinaigrette. Perfect. This was just perfect. I mean, if you like scallops. And if you like beets. And I love both. If you do not love scallops or beets… shame on you. They rule.
I remembered the last time I had the duroc pork here, and how succulent it was, so both the boys got the duroc pork, two ways. There were slices of loin and also a pork belly. They both enjoyed this immensely. I don’t know whether it’s the duroc pork or how Pumpkin is preparing it, it’s probably a magical combination of both, but I will say it again. Pumpkin serves up some of the best pork I’ve ever had.
I wanted to be different so I got the waluu spicy shellfish stew. Not too spicy, with a nice healthy helping of fish. The broth was super yummy. This was great, but honestly, the pork rules here. Heed my very humble recommendation. When at Pumpkin, order the duroc pork!
The boys got the butterscotch pudding with rum raisins and gingersnap. I swear they both practically stuck their faces into their ramekins and licked the insides clean.
Once again I had to be different and got the chocolate cake with banana caramel and passion fruit sorbet. So chocolatey! And remember that I’m not all that into chocolate. So banana cramelly! And man alive, the passion fruit sorbet is uber concentrated and is like a thousand passion fruits punching you in the face. And you love these punches, every one. Service was great, as usual. Even when B tried to get a sample of the pumpkin gnocchi, and got denied because there just wasn’t any to spare, she did it so super nicely. I love me some Pumpkin. I’m so happy it’s literally the closest restaurant to my home. 

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