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i write about what i eat. this site ain’t rocket science.


* oh, and hello FTC, no one’s ever paid me to eat at their restaurant or try their food products, unfortunately…  but a girl can dream!


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about foodzings
  1. George Pedone says:

    Where can I get good Peking duck

  2. Megan Wilson says:


    I found your site while researching food blogs in the Philly area. I have an event that I would like to invite you and a few friends to check out and then blog about if you feel it great. Find the info below! Feel free to spread the word.

    You are cordially invited to
    The Balvenie 2013 Rare Craft Collection
    A first-of-its-kind exhibition, featuring original works from some of America’s finest craftspeople.
    Curated by award-winning designer Todd Snyder, every piece in The Balvenie Rare Craft Collection stands as a PASSIONATE EXPRESSION of craftsmanship in all its forms. From bowler hats and bicycles to electric guitars and Ping-Pong tables, this groundbreaking collection represents rare crafts from EVERY corner of America.
    Open Gallery and Scotch Whisky Master Classes: 6:00 – 10:00 P.M. (limited space available)

    THE 23RD STREET ARMORY November 19 – 20
    22 South 23rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

    RSVP (mandatory): kim@thesupperclubinc.com / Must be 21+ to attend

  3. drew leahy says:

    Hi there,

    I am a recent college graduate working on an internship that I have become very passionate about. It is for a mobile application called DishCLips. The idea we at DishClips are pursuing is that of revolutionizing the way people around the world share their favorite menu items from their favorite restaurants. I found you on FoodSpotting, and think you are the influential foodie I have been looking for. Though we know we are on to something great, we realize that we still have room for improvement. That is where you come in :) Since you offer such a unique perspective on the food and drink, I would greatly appreciate your honest, professional opinion on the application.

    Will you please be a beta tester for the app :) ? We are in search of influential foodies that we feel can help us discover what our app. is missing, and be a big part of our food sharing experience. Again, we need your help :) I can’t think of a better person to ask than you, given your passion and experience for food sharing.

    Right now, the application is based on sharing menu items through video from your iPhone (android version coming soon). You simply open the free application, find your restaurant from the restaurant search tab (or enter it if it is not located), and record your entree on video to share with people across the world. You can download it now at the app store for free.

    I understand that you are very busy, but if you find time to help us out at DishClips, a million thanks from the bottom of my heart! We are open to literally ALL suggestions. Whether it be lengthening amount of time required to take video to adding a whole new tab for something you think may be a great addition, we want to hear it all :) Heck, if you think the colors need to be changed, I want to hear that as well ;) Thanks for your time, Barabra.

    P.S. You can download at app store, search: dishclips. If you do not have an iPhone, hopefully you have a friend generous enough to share :) Thanks again.

  4. Liz A says:

    I just want to suggest that when in seattle visit a little restaurant that serves real authentic Puerto Rican food. This restaurant is located to the south of the city in a small town call Lakewood,WA. Is call OLD SAN JUAN RESTAURANT check it out on Urbanspoon and facebook old-san juan just like i wrote it. you will see some of their dishes. Hope you can visit soon and experienced real authentic Puerto Rican food…

  5. Love your blog. Especially the Korean content. Just moved to Philly and loving all the Korean food. Where would you recommend as being the best? and what should I get besides the Bibimbap dolsot and japchee? :)

  6. This is an awesome site! I really admire your passion for food. Keep up the good work!

    I also am contacting to tell you a little bit about The Lunch Break Blog, which has been around for three years and is also based out of Philadelphia. While we write on a wide array of topics, one of our most popular categories is Food. We put a lot of work into our site, and we are always looking for fresh content from a fresh perspective. Basically, I’m wondering if you have any interest in sharing content with The Lunch Break. I think both our sites share a lot of the same interests and could really help promote each other’s work.

    Please take some time to check out our site, and let me know what you think. Also, please let me know if you have any interest in collaborating with The Lunch Break by contacting me at my email address. Thanks for your time and be well!

    Patrick Edmonds
    The Lunch Break Blog LLC

  7. Zaq says:

    Love your site. You must be 300 pounds from all of the eating out you do(kidding). I’m jealous. Anyway, for someone like me who is a foodie and adventureous, I’d still be hesitant to go to some of the asian restarurants without a guide. Someone who can advise suggest etc….

    Have you ever thought about organizing a foozings field trip with 5 or so of your followers?

  8. Austin says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog with its seemingly endless posts about places I haven’t been yet. Will definitely be coming back for references.

  9. MarthaGee says:

    Next time you visit NC let me know, I can tell you the best kept secret in local restaurants.

  10. Pete LaVerghetta says:

    I’m about to eat every dish at More Food Court one by one and blog about it. Came across your blog, like it, thanks.

  11. Hazel says:

    Hello foozings,

    Thanks for checking out thump while you were taking it all in, in Bend. Thanks for the kind words about our coffee. It bums us out that you found the atmosphere unwelcoming! Can you email me and tell me more so you don’t have this experience the next time you come visit us?
    Thanks! Hazel

  12. Ronnie Sachs says:

    Please check out Saffron Indian Kitchen In Bala Cynwyd 145 Montgomery ave. Best Indian In town so far.

  13. Ted says:

    I find your site bland and watered-down, with ill-cropped photographs, an embarassing amount of grammatical errors, and an egregious air of pretentiousness. You should take a lesson from fellow Philadelphia food bloggers, such as I’ll Eat You, Messy and Picky, and Grub Street.

    oh…. and try expanding your palette beyond scallops and creme brulee.

    • foodzings says:

      it’s palate, not palette. i think you were trying to make me feel bad about my terrible blog, but instead, you’ve just made yourself look like a complete jackass. good job “Ted”!

    • Jesus says:

      I find Ted’s internet trolling watered-down and boring with his embarassing? (you misspelled embarrassing…) amount of grammatical errors egregiously pretentious. Say “egregious air of pretentiousness” to yourself. Then look at it in the context of the blog comment space. Gives me douche chills. You can’t even see past yourself. How are you supposed to know what you’re typing. Forgive this small man immediately!

      ohh… and viva la scallops and creme brulee!


  14. Brian says:

    Great site!!

  15. Randi says:

    Your site rawks!

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