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Indian, Tiger Tiger style

It’s been a heavy cook at home week. Now I don’t go out to eat all that much, but this week has been especially full of actual activity in the kitchen, beyond popping something in the oven. Not sure why. I made one of my most favorite dishes to make last night – Chicken Tikka Masala. Indian, you say? Yes, Indian. Not from scratch mind you, but it doesn’t get much easier than this. I use the Chicken Tikka Masala sauce from Tiger Tiger. Now you can also find similar sauces at Trader Joe’s or even your grocery store, but typically they are not Tiger Tiger. When I say Tiger Tiger is the best, please listen to me. Their sauces are by far the best when it comes to Indian cooking. I’ve tried Patak’s, and it ain’t no good. And neither is Trader Joe’s. Tiger Tiger is your only choice.

I used to have to drive all the way to Delaware and go to World Market to get this stuff. Whenever I’d go, I would buy 5 of them at a time so they would last awhile before I had to go back. Lucky for me, now I have a much closer source. I live near the Ardmore Farmers Market, which is also conveniently located 10 feet from the Trader Joe’s. There’s a new spot at the Market called Adriana’s Caravan. It’s not a store, because well, it’s not a store. It’s right at the entrance across from Trader Joe’s when you walk in. You see Genji Sushi right in front, and to your left, is the nook that Adriana’s Caravan occupies. This place is GREAT. It basically has every ingredient you will ever need to make any international dish. EVER. All and any ethnic cuisine you can think of, they’ve got what you need. And they carry all of the Tiger Tiger products. Apparently they have an exclusive agreement. All I know is that now I’m only 5 minutes away from Tiger Tiger goodness. Plus, the lady who runs it is super nice. And she named the place after her daughter, Adriana.

So when I say this is easy, I mean it. Cut up the chicken and onions and cook it for awhile in some oil. Then dump the sauce in and simmer for a bit longer. Put over rice and start shovelling. Seriously kids, it’s delicious. If you buy some naan from Trader Joe’s, then it’s even better. So tonight’s dinner was the leftovers. Plus, today at work, it was Pretzel Thursday. All hail Pretzel Thursday!

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