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Breakfast At The Basel Marktplatz

Basel is so freakin cute. Like seriously cute. As far as Europe goes, I haven’t seen much of it, but it’s definitely up there on the cute scale. Like postcard cute. And it’s quite a manageable little city. Quite walkable, trams take you everywhere, and it’s nice to look at.
Every morning at the Marktplatz, there is an open air market where locals hawk their food wares. Like these beautiful veggies.
More veggies. I think.
Olives, my nemesis, and some cured meats.
More of my little enemies.
Fresh stuffed pastas!
Laugenbread. Looks just like challah, huh?
Fruits and nuts.
Strange berries. There are blackberries and blueberries, but there are some blue and red ones that I am not familiar with.
Who wouldn’t want to buy fresh foods at a place this picturesque?
On this morning I got a delicious little latte from that adorable cart and a special crepe made with grapes. I had to wait awhile for this crepe, as the lone crepemaker had taken a break, but unfortunately, it was kind of awful. It was just super sweet and mushy. But that’s ok, I forgive for the surroundings.

I Only Want Hot Soup – Nooch

It wasn’t my plan to eat so much non swiss food while I was in switzerland. But damn it people, it was so cold there. While I was in Dublin, the weather was stupendous… in the high 50’s, low 60’s. As soon as I got to switzerland it was in the 30’s. Yeah, the 30’s. I could see my damn breath. So I only wanted hot soup. This is what I kept craving. So I ended up at Nooch. It’s a small chain of asian noodle restaurants. So I ordered the fujiyama noodle soup – udon noodles, dashi broth, tofu, veggies, and such. This thing was kind of a mess. They took japanese noodles and broth, and then tried to bastardize it with things clearly not meant for japanese food. Cilantro? Thai basil? Seriously, have you ever seen those things in japanese cuisine? It was almost blasphemy. And they threw in a giant heap of pickled ginger into the soup too. Luckily, I was able to fish it out. The broth was ok, and the noodles were ok, but similar to the ramen, there weren’t enough noodles. And unfortunately, I could still taste the ginger in the broth. The rest of the veggies were ok. But similar to the ramen, it was an underwhelming bowl of overpriced noodles. Hot, but otherwise just blah.

It’s Hard To Find Dinner

It’s funny. I came all the way to Basel to work with one of my customers. There were 4 people I was working with, and not one of them was Swiss! we had a Brit, a German, a Croatian, and a Brazilian, but not one Swiss. After meeting up with my Brazilian colleague, we set off to find some food for dinner. While I was walking around some more in Basel, I had come upon this cool looking rock-n-roll type place on a little side street up a hill. We tried this place first and we couldn’t eat there because they were having a special event in the dining room upstairs. The only place we could hang out was the bar area and that was full and packed. So we moved on. It was my colleague’s turn next so we walked a little bit to another cool looking spot. We weren’t sure if they served food or not, so we asked. Although they did have a food menu, it was really just appetizers or steak. We really weren’t in the mood for either. So we tried again! We went next door to another place and they told us they had just closed the kitchen. Dammit. Were we going to get to eat tonight? The lady who had just rejected us kindly told us that the pizza place across the street would still have food. So we said ok, because honestly, we simply couldn’t take any more of this food rejection!

This is how we ended up at Centro. When we got there, the place was positively packed! And this made sense to me because even though there are so many other restaurants in Basel, apparently, it’s quite a challenge to actually eat in any of them! Centro is an italian joint. They have pizza and pasta and other italian fare. When we first looked at the menu, it was really hard to figure out what was going on. The dishes were named in italian and they were described in swiss german. Although it’s fine for me to figure out that lasagne is lasagne and that penne is penne, it was what was on them / in them that was hard to figure out from the swiss german. Eventually, I got an english menu and was finally good to go!I ordered the penne centro, which was penne with chicken and pepperoni in a creamy tomato sauce. It took forever for our food to come out. And we were both so damn hungry at this point. But it was totally worth the wait. I loved this dish! The sauce was perfect and although there wasn’t that much chicken, what chicken there was was perfect. I ate the whole thing. As in I cleaned the plate. Yes, I stuffed myself silly. And if there had been more, I would have eaten more, as it was an amazing pasta dish. I don’t actually recall pepperoni being in this, but I didn’t care. And it looks like a hot damn mess in this plate, but trust me, it was damn good. If I’m ever in Basel again, I would get this again!

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