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Oktoberfest At Brauhaus Schmitz

There’s nothing like a roasting piglet on a spit to signify an Oktoberfest celebration. Or a man dressed in lederhosen. This poor little beast was the featured guest at the outdoor fest at Brauhaus Schmitz.
Even though H/A had apparently just eaten a giant slice of pizza at Lorenzo’s, he still got some kind of sausage. Yeah, I don’t know what kind this is, but I’m thinking meat or lamb. ┬áHe got some slaw and some potato salad too. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m a big fan of this potato salad now. It’s vinegary and awesome.
P got a random charred sausage from the grill. It came with a hunk of mouth cutting bread. So I have no idea what kind of sausage this is either, but I loved it. It’s pink, just pink. And I’m sure, formed with some mysterious concoction of random meats and meat parts. But it is absolutely delicious.
I got a giant pretzel. I mean really, it doesn’t get more “giant pretzel” than this! It was thick and dense and warm! And it was perfect for soaking up the beer… all that delicious beer in my commemorative Oktoberfest 2010 plastic stein!

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Desserts And Beers On Mifflin

After our illustrious indonesian meal, we wanted to get some dessert. We wanted to go to Golosa, but it was closed for the summer. So instead, we ventured elsewhere in south philly and ended up on Mifflin at South Philadelphia Taproom. I’ve been here before for food and really enjoyed it, but had never had dessert before.
We got the strawberry shortcake to split. We also wanted to try the pot brownie, but when we tried to order both, they told us not to do it, as the pot brownie is apparently ginormous. And so is this strawberry shortcake! This is plenty for two people to share. The shortcake itself was fresh and still warm! It was a tiny bit burnt on the bottom, but who cares, we just left the burnt bits. The whipped cream was not from a tub or canister, it was freshly whipped, and you could just tell. I loved it! It was made with love.
We were going to try to see if Ultimo / Brew had any dessert options, but the pickins were slim. It was late, so that might have had something to do with it, but even if it was early, the dessert pickins are probably slim. It was the first time I had been there in a long time, and the first time since there was actually beer there. So I perused the coolers of beer and was very impressed with the selection, as well as the prices! If I didn’t live so far away, I’d happily pick up my bottled brews here.
I did pick me up a 6-pack of the Joe Coffee Porter, by Philadelphia Brewing. There’s a slight coffee taste, it’s not that overt, but I loved it. I highly recommend it!
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City Tap House Drinks And Eats

On a rainy evening the other week, I got to attend another little yelp event at City Tap House. Man, I had no idea this place existed! And it’s kind of great! It’s a big ‘ol restaurant and bar in university city at the Radian complex. They have tons of beers on drafts and pub grub. I would call it a gastropub, if you don’t hate that term. But the place is swank, but not in a snooty way. It feels rustic, like a big old lodge. It’s roomy and it’s got a kick ass outdoor terrace area. But too bad it was raining that night. You can get some beers to go in a growler, if that strikes your fancy.
For the event, they prepared some special beer based cocktails for us. This was the French Fox, with Sly Fox Royal Weisse, triple sec, and orange juice. We liked it!
This is the Brooklyn Dutch, with Brooklyn Brown Ale, root beer, vanilla bean syrup, and a maraschino cherry. I wasn’t crazy about this one. The last one (not pictured) was the Summer Apple shandy. That was basically an adult version of lemonade, because it was Original Sin Cider with lemonade. We liked that one too! But if you hate hard cider, then it’s probably not for you.
They also passed around some little appetizers. These are little bits of steak in potato skins. Yum!
Delicious huge shrimp and chorizo! Seriously good.
Mac & cheese bites! Oh, so much potential, but these were a fail. The problem here was that the mac and cheese itself was super bland. It had absolutely no flavor, and tasted so much like nothing, that it was just a battered and deep fried thing of blah. So sad. So just improve the mac and cheese flavor and these will be great! They also served it with a strange dark brown sauce… it reminded me of a yakisoba sauce. Whatever it was, it did not work either.
The absolute winner of the evening was this brick-oven pizza. It has a lovely thin and a just crunchy enough crust, and this particular one had sausage, cheese, and pesto as the toppings. I’m not very into pizza, but I would definitely come back for this! It’s seriously good! Overall, I got a great vibe from this place. It’s a cool place to hang out, and they have good drinks and good food. And if weather permits, you can chill outside. What more could you want? Thanks to H/A again for being photographer for the night!
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