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Beers At Eulogy

After staying in and making some stir-fry with our german visitors, we decided to go out for some beers. Monk’s or Eulogy was on our short list. We drove past Monk’s and saw that it was super crowded (even on a Tuesday night), so we headed over to Eulogy instead. There was one table left for us. Score!
The place is owned by Belgians, and there’s a number of beers on tap and hundreds of beers in bottles. The menu is large. They have tons of beers from all over the world, but barely any domestics. So don’t come here to drink Miller lite.
And like Monk’s, the beer ain’t cheap. So don’t come here if you’re looking for dollar beers. Go to McGlinchey’s instead. If you want exotic foreign beers, then pick something on the menu, or get recommendations from the servers, and open up your wallet. One of these days, I’m going to have to try their food.
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Revisiting Monk’s

It seems like I’ve been visiting a lot of places lately that I haven’t been to in a gazillion years. It happened again when I went to Monk’s. I think I’ve been to Monk’s a couple of times. Once was awhile ago and I remember eating something perhaps rabbit-y, trying fois gras for the first time, and also trying the frites. I also remember coming here and trying hoegaarden for the first time. Come to think of it, I’ve had a bit of firsts here!

We looked at the menu beforehand and both agreed that we wanted stew. They have a belgian beef and beer stew made with local grass fed beef, slow cooked in Chimay Grand Reserve with local root vegetables. How can you not love the sound of that? We told them we were going to share it, so they brought it out in separate bowls and gave us strange but tasty rolls each. I can’t really describe the roll, it seemed to have raisins in it, but it wasn’t sweet enough to be raisin. Does anyone know? In any case, the stew was delicious! I wish we’d had a giant vat of it, it was so good.
We also got an order of the pommes frites. You have to! The waiter forgot about them, so we didn’t end up getting them until after the stew, but that was ok. We didn’t mind, we just ate them along with the additional beers. I love these fries, but I just wish they were longer pieces of fry, instead of little tiny stubs. Otherwise, I still love these. It comes with their famous bourbon mayo. Monk’s is definitely a beer place, so get ready to drink. Since I was still sick, I didn’t really drink much, but the little sips I had were certainly tasty.

We had a great server. He was almost overly friendly and helpful? We started talking about JJ Abrams for some reason and he started going off about Lost and the Star Trek movie and whether we’d seen the trailer. Then later on, he brought over his iPhone and made us watch the trailer on his iPhone. It was bizarre, yet it amused us. We appreciated his enthusiasm!

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The Chocolate Weekend

What did I get for valentine’s day this year? I got sick is what I got. HA! Not sure where it came from, but it struck with a vengeance on Friday, dang it! So I didn’t really feel good enough to go eat somewhere. And I’m not really into dining with crowds on a day where there’s inflated fixed priced meals, so it was probably a good thing anyway.

I did end up with some gifts of chocolate on this weekend though, both completely unexpected. The first was a box of adorable truffles from choxie. Choxie is the target house brand chocolate. It came in this adorable box that actually had slide out tiers in it. Yes, it was fancy. And the chocolates are delish.
I also got a gift from M when she got back from Belgium. Have you ever had Neuhaus chocolates? Yes, they’re belgian, and yes, they rock.

If you can find it, you’ll love it.
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