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Bloomsburg Eats

So what did we actually eat? Well, lots of random stuff. H/A got an orangeade. It was made with actual real oranges! And made by free child labor. Yay for free child labor! This was like an orange julius, without all the added sugar, and in a much larger cup. Really good. The cup was so huge we hardly madea dent in it. H/A and R both got gyros. R got hers without any veggies, and H/A got his loaded. I actually got stuffed cabbage, because I wanted some old-fashioned home cooked food. It was good!Roasted corn on the cob dipped in a giant vat of melted butter. Whoohoo! Damn I love this stuff. And we hosed this bag of cotton candy on the drive home. It was awesome!

Bloomsburg Fair – They Really Have This Stuff

I’d never been to a county fair/agricultural fair like this before. You’ve seen it on tv, but seriously folks, this stuff really happens. People grow fruits and vegetables and animals and stuff, and they compete. And you get blue ribbons and such. It’s crazy, yet adorable.

Award winning bell peppers. Award winning watermelon! But to me, how would you know if it’s tasty on the inside? Just because it’s pretty on the outside doesn’t mean shit. It could be a terrible watermelon.

Prize winning beets and brussel sprouts. I had no idea this is how brussel sprouts grew. Don’t they look like… giant buds?

All kinds of apples.

And to top off the freakshow, the award winning giant pumpkins. These weren’t the winner. But they were huge, and their poundage was written on them.This is the one that one. 1105 lbs of pure unbridled freak gourd. Just imagining the logistics of transporting that pumpkin from patch to the fairgrounds makes my head hurt. There were also baking contests too. This one was for angel food cake, which is a cake I’m very partial to. There were also pie and chocolate categories as well. And oh yes, there were cows, and sheep, and goats, and chickens, and rabbits!

Bloomsburg Fair – Too Much Food

We went to the 155th Bloomsburg Fair on saturday, its opening day. R has been talking about this for awhile as she went to school in Bloomsburg and wanted to go back and check it out again. She had mentioned that it was a big deal, and huge, and had crazy stuff, like Elvis impersonators. Man. Huge it was. Like freakin ginormous. In the night that we were there, we probably only covered about 1/2 of it. We didn’t even get to the rides. We didn’t see any of the tractor pulls, or the demolition derby, and other crazed shenanigans. What we did see was tons of food options. It was rather mindboggling. And way too many to choose from. We walked around for hours trying to decide where to eat. And here are some of the things we passed.

Stromboli Land, or space ship? I liked the name of this sticky bun joint. Tons of waffles, but this was the only pumpkin waffle joint. Homemade ice cream with the churning done by some sort of old-fashioned cranking machine. This was truly old school. Tons of hot sausages. Eat the Bowl, another cute name. Deep fried stuff! Are we in Scotland? I’ve never met any Greeks named Dave, but he’s selling gyros here. Crabby Larry sells seafood. This was a family affair so there was no alcohol served. Sadly, this was the only kind of beer to be had.

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