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Stan’s Burger Shak – Hanksville

After leaving Moab, we headed westward, and spent an evening in Hanksville. It’s a town that’s about 50 ft long. Our motel was within walking distance from Stan’s Burger Shak. In fact, our continental breakfast was there and you get a coupon for the place upon check in. With very few other options, we had to check it out. It’s attached to a gas station, so it’s handy too.
Here’s another animal head!
S was feeling a bit healthy, so she got the turkey and avocado sandwich. White bread, I love crappy white bread like this. I bet I would have liked this sandwich.
I wasn’t feeling healthy so I got a buffalo burger and onion rings. These onion rings were way overcooked so it was a crunchy mess. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, but really, they should have paid attention a bit more so they were cooked correctly. Did this burger taste like buffalo? I have no idea, this was my first time eating a buffalo burger. It tasted pretty much like a regular meaty burger, but maybe a tiny bit different. But it wasn’t anything offensive or even too noticeable. I liked it just fine. It was a formidable burger, considering it was attached to a gas station. When in Hanksville, be sure to visit!

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Buck’s Grill House – Moab

We were finally able to find Buck’s Grill House on our last night in Moab. We had failed, gloriously, the night before. So a phone call later, we finally found it. It kind of looks like some casual bbq joint from the outside, but the inside is kinda fancy, but not in a snooty way.
I mean, it’s as fancy as a restaurant can get that has a big animal head on the wall. Animal heads being on walls ended up being a common theme throughout our utah travels.
We dined outside, out back, on their patio. It was lovely. There are water features, a great view, and best of all, no bugs. Pretty much in Utah, there are no mosquitos. And honestly, it’s one of the best things about Utah. Here’s a basket of their warm sourdough bread. It was wonderful.
S got the buffalo meatloaf. It was my first taste of buffalo! It was topped with a black onion gravy and served with mashed potatoes and some steamed veggies. The flavoring of the meatloaf and the gravy made it not taste like a standard meatloaf. But we both liked it. It had a slightly mexican flavoring to it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it was definitely the opposite of bland. I was having some problems choosing and eventually ended up getting the shepherd’s pie. It’s a true shepherd’s pie, with ground lamb, various root veggies, and topped with cheddar mashed potatoes. Sometimes I don’t enjoy lamb, but this was really quite good. It was super hot and filling and I enjoyed all of the veggies inside, except carrots, since I’m the weirdo who doesn’t eat cooked carrots. The cheddar mash was great. The service was good, our server was super nice and friendly, and the food came out surprisingly fast. They are generous portions and the cost is quite reasonable. It definitely gets our approval!
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