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Nifty Fifty’s

So I’ve been hankering to go to Nifty Fifty’s for months. So on the weekend before new year’s, I kidnapped C and forced him to eat food that was bad for him. For those of you that are not experienced with the throwback kitchy goodness that is nifty fifty’s, it’s basically a 50’s style soda shop. They have tons of shakes, a bazillion flavors of soda, burgers, fries, and the like (they’re famous for a filet mignon sandwich). The workers are forced to wear horrible hats. They don’t smile either, after all, you’re talking about Delco here.

I know why I came here – spicy chili cheese fries. You can get them plain, you can get them just with cheese, you can get them just hot with cheese, but no. That’s for the weak. You must get the spicy chili cheese fries. Their chili rocks. But please don’t get large! The regular sized fries are big enough for several people. They’re hand cut and deliciously bad for you. I once watched a poor sap cut potatoes for at least an hour straight. He must have been bored out of his mind.
I also got the peach soda. This is what I get all the time, but they have hundreds of flavors. And you can mix and match to customize your very own. And score – free refills!

I also got the royal burger, which is what I usually get. It’s a burger with a homemade onion ring on top. Who doesn’t love this? C went crazy and got a peanut butter oreo shake, along with his bacon cheeseburger. And even as he complained about how bad this was for him, he enjoyed every mouthful. It was pretty damn tasty, and I’m not ususally that into shakes. There’s usually a big wait here if you want a booth. So sit at the counter so you don’t have to wait. Plus you can people watch some of Delco’s finest teenagers in bad paper hats with their names on them!

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Summers At The Patio Cafe

The building next door is hosting the Patio Cafe on wednesdays for the summer, offering box lunches for a steal. They come with a burger or hot dogs or a rotating special (chicken the first week, tuna steak this week) and then a bunch of other tasty treats. You get your choice of chips, a little side salad (potato, pasta, etc), soda, and dessert. They’ve had cookies, brownies, and cake. They also have fixins for your burgers and dogs. All this for only $6. It’s even less if you get the hot dogs.

The first week it all came in this adorable little carry out box. It was so popular the first week that they ran out of burgers and people got stuck with hot dogs. The burgers are 8 oz angus burgers, and after you eat this thing, you don’t really have much room for the other things afterwards. So then I had all the rest of the day to chow down on chips and cake. Yes, that piece of chocolate chip cake is as big as you think it is. And I ate it all. Yum! It was a simple angel food cake with chocolate chips and it was perfect.

Last friday, chef Donald wasn’t there, but one of his super grillers were. We had some grilled steak and turkey dogs, along with some saladworks. It was all quite quite delicious. There’s just so many reasons for TGIF!

Main Line Dive Bar / Main Line Not-So-Dive Bard!

I found out through some food blog surfing about a local dive bar. A true local Main Line dive bar in Haverford – Roach’s! Roach & O’Briens, officially, on Lancaster Ave, right across from Wendy’s. It’s about postage stamp sized. You walk in and there’s a jukebox, a phone booth, a dartboard, a bar, and some tables and booths. Maybe some video games in the back? There were about 5 locals in there and they have $2 moosehead every day as well as an ok selection of domestic beer. This isn’t a classy, extensive imported beer list, mussels and pommes frites kind of a joint. People said they had great burgers, and that’s what they got. Burgers, sandwiches, and fries. We got a couple of cheeseburgers, his with bacon, and a basket of cheese fries. These burgers were rather large. The bartender said 8 oz before being cooked. They came on kaiser rolls and were quite good. Piled with lettuce, tomato, and such, they were very tall burgers. And the fries are a thicker kind, and were served with cheese whiz. Overall it was a good time. I have a few other pubs around in my neighborhood, even within walking distance, but this one is really a great little divey one with personality. No pretense about it whatsoever. Two burgers, fries, and 3 beers later, it wasn’t even $20. Not bad, eh?

We then headed over to
Yeats just to round out the local Route 30 pub crawl. I’d passed by it thousands of times but never went in. It looked divey from the outside. Strangely enough, Yeats Pub is actually quite nice! It has a long bar taking up one entire side of the restaurant and then all tables and booths. Their menu looked quite good (even had buffalo burger) and their beer, booze, and wine selection is quite extensive. No dart board, no pool, no nothing. Just drinks and food. It was a Monday night and there was almost no people in there. The staff outnumbered the patrons about 2 to one. We just grabbed a beer (I had a hoegaarden on tap) and then skidaddled. I think I’ll have to go back and have some food!

Roach & O’Brien
560 W Lancaster Ave
Haverford, PA 19041

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