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Village Whiskey Burger

The last time we tried to go to Village Whiskey to get a burger, there was a ridiculous wait. And I hate waiting for food. This time, we somehow lucked out with one of the counters in the back, even though we only got one chair. It was the last non-table space and we snagged it! So who the hell cares if one of us had to stand? So I guess this place is mostly for boozing, but as far as food goes, everyone raves about the burgers, so that’s what we got.
I got the village burger with caramelized onions, done medium well. It comes on a good sized sesame roll with tomato, boston bibb lettuce, and a house-made thousand island dressing. I was a bit wary of the dressing so I asked for it on the side. Once I tasted it, I really liked it, so onto the burger it went! So the patty is pretty thick and mine was cooked the way I like it, not at all bloody. And the caramelized onions were plentiful and also delicious. In all, this was a good burger! The meat wasn’t chewy and it just melted. J got his burger medium so it was pretty bloody on the inside. Seeing as how thick the patty is, it seems pretty easy to keep it bloody. He thinks it doesn’t have to be such a thick patty. And he dug the thousand island sauce as well.

Oh, it also comes with a pickle. So people rave about the duck fat fries too, so we split a share of those. These fries are not plentiful at all. In fact, we think they line that silver cup thing with paper so that they can put even less fries in there than they can actually fit. They were good, but nothing amazing or life-changing. And we got the sly fox cheddar cheese sauce. It was melted cheese. There wasn’t anything sly foxy about it. It just tasted like a mild melted cheese. Don’t get me wrong, it was a tasty mild melted cheese, but is it really worth it? Meh. Overall, I enjoyed my burger a lot, but do I think it’s the best burger in all of philadelphia? I don’t quite think so. But that’s just me!
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Burgers At 500 Degrees – Case Of The Mixed Up Patties

After randomly walking into the Kimmel Center and realizing that Philadelphia Orchestra power hour tickets were on sale, we picked some up and then set out to find something to eat, quick. Um… so… around the Kimmel Center, I never really know where to eat. The hostess at Monk’s was a haughty hipster snot who couldn’t be bothered that we wanted to get a table. The Good Dog was filled with Phillies phans so that didn’t seem to be a viable option either. So we ended up walking around and ending up at 500 Degrees. It’s a burger joint! Well technically, they also serve shakes. But otherwise, it’s burgers and fries. So I ordered a cheeseburger with fried onions and sweet potato fries. These are fairly hefty burgers on a thick brioche bun. Also, the newly offered sweet potato fries are awesome. Seriously, I would say these are some of the best sweet potato fries to be found in all of Philadelphia. No foolin. They’re kind of rectangular. And they also carry this delicious cherry soda on the fountain. I drank a lot of it. But my burger was too raw for me. That’s not what I’d asked for.
Here’s where the case of the mixed up patties comes in. This is the burger with the truffle fries that was supposed to be cooked medium. The truffle fries were also pretty awesome, by the way. They are skinny shoestring type fries. But the burger was well done, with no pink in sight. And my burger, which was supposed to be done medium-well, was done almost medium, and it was very red. So yeah, not only did they mix up who wanted what, they further messed up medium-well to well. So halfway through being finished with the burgers, after I realized that I could no longer eat bloody burger, we switched patties. And then we were much happier. But not as happy as if they’d just come out correctly. Other than that litte (or not-so-little) snafu, the food itself was really good. Oh, J got a shake too, and he really liked it.

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Salt & Pepper – BYOB Night

Thanks to Philly Grub and her legwork, I got to dine with some south philly food lovers at Salt & Pepper. They’re at their new location now, on East Passyunk. It’s decidedly much bigger than their previous incarnation. They were so generous and let us have a big table upstairs. There is a bar downstairs now, but they still offer BYOB on tuesday and wednesday nights. So take advantage of it!
I started with the gnocchi with asparagus tips and crispy prosciutto in a porcini sauce. Hot damn! Everything about this was delicious. I was wary because I don’t really like mushrooms, but I like gnocchi, asparagus, and prosciutto too much to not have tried it. Man, am I glad I did! The sauce was rich and lustrous and a perfect flavoring for the dense gnocchi, which was not overly chewy. And the prosciutto was just extra goodness! I licked my plate and could have eaten more! And it was a nice sized helping.
What would be the perfect follow-up to delicious rich gnocchi? Did you say a ginormous burger? Why yes! This burger is big, with a capital B. The patty itself is probably nearly an inch thick, no foolin. It’s loaded with caramelized onions and gruyere cheese. Gruyere isn’t typically used as a burger topping, and well, it has a distinct odor. It’s not a specifically stinky cheese, but it does have an odor. But it tastes just great. The burger is also topped with lettuce and a giant tomato slice and served with a side of french fries. This is a good burger, people, a really good burger. Although it’s kind of hard to eat just due to its sheer enormousness, it’s delicious and cooked to just how you want it. There’s nothing chewy about the meat either, the meat stays together when you’re eating it, but once in your mouth, it just kind of falls apart and melts. It’s definitely a contender for one of the best burgers in all of philadelphia. I ate half and then took the rest home, and it was just as good as leftovers. Something I noticed about the other entrees were that not only did everyone love how they tasted, but they were presented beautifully. And the portions sizes here are more than generous. What can I say, we had a great time here. The owner came by frequently and was more than accoommodating. He even comped us some pecan pie which was delicious, and not overly sweet. Definitely stop by for the burger, or anything else!

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