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Sabrina’s With Twitter Friends

I don’t go out to eat lunch much during the week, but on special occasions, it happens. And on this particular friday, it was very special. I met up with two twitter friends. I’d never met them before in my life, but through our shared love of food, despite us living on separate coasts, we met up in South Philly to eat! B got the burger of the week – the octagon burger. It was a hefty grilled angus burger on brioche with mixed greens and tomato, topped with turkey bacon, sliced beets, cheddar, caramelized maple-honey onions, and roasted mushroom-chipotle aioli. As you can see, this was an extremely serious burger. And he got his with polenta frieds. To me, anything with beets on it is good in my book. I’m sure this thing was amazing. What’s probably more amazing is how anyone eats this thing in the first place. This requires a flip-top head.
S’s eggs benedict just plain looks ordinary compared to that crazy burger.
And the eggs benedict also looked sadly boring next to my special sandwich – the shanghai nooner. This was truly an awesome sandwich, one for the ages. It was rosemary-asiago focaccia topped with arugula-pesto aioli, mixed greens, tomato, roasted orange-garlic herb turkey breast, roasted butternut squash hash, red onions, roasted red peppers, melted swiss cheese, and topped with fennel-carrot pear slaw. I tried my best to eat half of it while I was there and I enjoyed every bite. And the sweet potato fries were amazing, especially with a slight bit of powdered sugar on top. It was still good the next day. Whoever thought this sandwich combo up deserves a big hug from me. During a busy lunch rush, we didn’t have to wait for a table and the food came out in decent time. This was definitely a lunch to remember for a long time. Sabrina’s, you never disappoint!

I Discover Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

How the hell did I end up at JR Monaghan’s? I can’t even get into it, but I can tell you about these cheese steak freakin egg rolls which were about some of the greatest appetizers I’ve ever eaten in m life. It is an egg roll wrapped stuffed with grilled chipped steak, sweet onions, jack and cheddar cheese, and served with a spicy ketchup. Ok, it might sound kind of gross, but it’s totally not. They’re totally amazing and I’m dying that I’ve never had them before until now. Who cares that these are obviously beyond terrible for you. They will knock your socks off. I’m in love with these.
R’s Black and Bleu Burger, cajun spiced with crumbled bleu cheese. The cajun spice sounds fine, but I hate anything with stinky cheese. That sure is a lot of bacon!
I got the french onion burger, so it was like french onion soup topped onto a burger. This was a good burger! And it was a tuesday night, so it was buy one burger, get the other half price. So for all your suburban recessionistas, here you go! The fries were only alright. But who cares, because this place is awesome solely for their cheese steak egg rolls. I’m sold!

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The BRGR Joint – Bryn Mawr

P suggested Elevation Burger and I had to shoot him down! I suggested we drive a wee bit further into Bryn Mawr to check out the BRGR Joint. So we met up to talk shop and eat some burgers. That’s why you come here folks, for the burgers! The place is pretty small, but has plenty of tables. They seem to do a healthy take-out business. They have a variety of burgers and toppings and several lunch combo specials.
I got the Lil Cheese BRGR meal, because that’s one patty, and I don’t need to do two. I’m a simple girl, so I just got lettuce, tomato, and lots of fried onions as my toppings. You get fries or a salad with your combo, and I went with trusty sweet potato fries. Oh, and for a drink, I got Fanta. They have it on tap. Which is my favorite kind of awesome. P got a burger with two patties, because he eats like a real man, and J got a turkey burger. Why? I don’t know. But he’s always getting turkey burgers! I thought the burger was ok. But frankly, I just wasn’t impressed. The bun is that same bun you can get at the grocery store and the burger part wasn’t all that special either. And I was disappointed by the sweet potato fries, and it’s hard for me to find a sweet potato fry I don’t like! But they just seemed burnt and soggy. I think they’re twice fried so maybe that’s what they’re supposed to taste like, but if so, they’re not for me. I don’t think it’s any better or worse than Elevation. So really, neither of them are really doing it for me. Oh well!

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