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Coney Island Burger Up Close And Personal

While I was in Pottsville, I had to have another coney burger. Terrible photograph, I know, but I wanted you all to get a good look at the inner mechanics of one. ¬†Stewed burger, check. ¬†Slop of stewed onions, check. Chili on top of that, check. All inside a soft and mushy white bun, check. It really is kind of a disgusting concept, but it’s so good going down your gullet. It truly is a guilty pleasure.

Coney Island
2300 W Market St
Pottsville, PA 17901
(570) 622-7722

Elevation Burger Lunch

Stopped by Elevation Burger for a quick lunch the other day. I challenged P to get the 10 patty elevation burger, but he declined. Yes, you heard me, you can get a burger here with 10 hamburger patties. Then the manager proceeded to tell us that some college kids had been having burger eating challenges, and that the current record was 18. This came about because NBC’s Aditi Roy had done a story on Elevation Burger and had eaten 8 herself. Whoa.
I’m a rational human being, so I just got a cheeseburger, and only one. I did get extra caramelized onions, because the regular portion is just too small, and these onions are just too good! So ask for extra, and they will oblige! They serve a good burger here. I’m a fan of it. I skipped the fries because I didn’t like them the last time (they’re made with olive oil and kind of limp and lame) but I did get a coffee shake. Good shake!
Elevation Burger on Urbanspoon

Burger Bar

Everyone I was with watches Top Chef (I do not) so they all know who Hubert Keller is and all wanted to go to the Burger Bar. This is the burger restaurant that he has in Vegas, along with a few other places. They have chef’s burgers which have been pre-designed and you can also make your own burger with whatever normal and crazy toppings you want. They have a $60 rossini burger with kobe, foie gras, and truffles. There’s also a crazy surf and turf burger topped with half a grilled lobster.
I got the sliders, which gave me three different little burgers. I also got to substitute sweet potato fries for regular fries. One of these was a buffalo burger, another was angus, and the third was corn fed beef. These little puppies were quite tasty. It was a little bit too much beef for me, but it was ok, I didn’t eat all three of them.
M ended up getting one of these sweet dessert burgers after ordering a crazy design your own burger. This was the creamy cheese cake burger. The buns are donuts. The “burger” is cheesecake, and the “cheese” is caramelized pineapple. This thing is wrong in every single way, but I’m not gonna lie to you, this thing was good. If you’re really into burgers and willing to drop a buck or two, definitely try this out. And leave room for dessert!
Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay) on Urbanspoon

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