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More Tiffin – Bryn Mawr Grand Opening

Tiffin‘s total world domination continued with the grand opening of their Bryn Mawr location. They had a little shindig so I decided to check it out! It’s located in downtown Bryn Mawr, you know, where everything else is. It actually looks just like the Wynnewood location. It’s small, with a completely open kitchen, and with a little bit of outdoor seating.
They had a little buffet of random treats for us to try. This table had a beautiful and colorful array of sauces, dips, and chutneys.
I did a little observing of said dude checking on the meats on sticks in the tandoori. Man, I wish I could have a tandoori at my house. I’d tandoori morning, noon, and night. And it would be naan time, 24×7.
A couple of salads accompanied the hot items. These were ok, nothing exciting.
On with the food! The cocktail samosa on the left with potatoes and peas. A nice vegetarian option, this was delightful. On the right is capsicum chicken, which is diced chicken breast cooked in capsicum and spices with sesame seed chutney. This doesn’t taste particularly indian, but it was a perfectly nice dish. Yes, I believe it was spicy.
On the left is mustard and curry leaf tikka. More chicken cooked in a tandoor! On the right is tawa paneer, which is paneer cheese cooked on a tawa and marinated in a blend of spices and bell peppers.
On the left are corn vada, a deep fried coarsley grated corn in mixture of garlic, coriander seeds, and red chilis. I thought they were maybe going to be like flattened hush puppies, but alas, they were not. It was bland and crumbly and I did not really care for it. On the right is kali mirch tikka, marinated chicken breast cooked in the tandoor. Again, not particularly exotic, but tasty.
On the left is chicken seekh kebab. It is minced chicken breast meat marinated with herbs and spices cooked in the tandoor. It was ok, I wasn’t too crazy about it. And lastly on the right, mozzarella cheese balls. Who knew that you could get these in an indian restaurant? These are nothing like italian mozzarella sticks. These are mild, soft, perhaps even mushy, and a thousand times better than mozzarella sticks. Yep, these are going into my rotation. I really had fun at this opening because I got to try a bunch of dishes I would otherwise have never tried. When it comes to indian food, I’m not that adventurous. So thank you Tiffin!

Suburban Happy Hour – Redstone

I’d been to Redstone a few years back, but had never gone to a happy hour there. D set up one of his big happy hours, so I headed out. They have an outdoor patio area, which is covered, so it’s actually a really nice spot for a summer happy hour. I can see why it was so packed! And seriously, when I say packed, I mean packed. The poor server was entirely way too flustered! I felt bad for the little guy! I got a strawberry and balsamic martini. I forget what booze is in it, but it has pureed strawberry and a hint of balsamic. Ooh la la, this thing was tasty! And extremely strong. Like punch you in the face strong. I was not about to have two of these!
Here is the calamari dish that somebody ordered. They served it up with some spicy peppers and garlic and a chipotle aioli. Not bad!
Here are some cute little pulled pork sliders that somebody ordered. I didn’t try them, but they look quite nice. There’s some slaw in there, and some thinly french fried onion rings. The other popular drink of the night was this mango martini. Apparently, it wasn’t very strong and it cost more than my strawberry one! Suckas!
I was super hungry, and quickly needed a good amount of food to counteract that extremely strong drink. So I got the meatball sliders. I was talking to the server for some recommendations and he asked me how hungry I was. I told him very, and so he suggested these little cuties. Basically, they took a meatball sandwich and just wrapped each meatball around a cute little bun. Again, not bad, not bad at all.
But my favorite thing I tried was the cornbread! They call it the lodge cornbread and make it from scratch and bake it in this cast iron skillet. This is a big ass serving of cornbread, obviously. I absolutely loved this! I’m a big fan of cornbread, so when I find good cornbread, it totally makes me happy. It was dense, moist, and full of actual corn pieces. It was sweet and also spicy, with some jalapenos in it. This is the winner of the night!
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Jimmy John’s Sandwiches

We had to head up past North Chicago to get near all of these pharmaceutical companies. We were starving, and we were lucky enough to end up up in a random strip mall that happened to have a Jimmy John’s. Turns out it’s J’s favorite sandwich place! I remember seeing one in downtown Philadelphia, and being curious about it, but had never had any real desire to give it a try. Here was my chance! You have to love a place that has a neon sign that says “Free Smells”. I liked it already.

So Jimmy John’s started in Champaign, IL. It’s a brilliant idea really. What do college kids want to eat? Pizza and sandwiches I presume. And here’s Jimmy John’s now, a big chain. They sell sandwiches, people, just sandwiches. And there’s not too much variety. The bread is white. They call it a french roll, but it’s really not. When I think french bread, I think crusty. This roll is incredibly thin, but chewy and dense. It kind of defies logic, actually, because of how thin it is. Seriously, if you look at a profile of the sandwich, it’s like there’s not even any bread there. But it’s delicious. And it’s the only bread they have. The ingredients are simple as well. It’s cold cuts, and they slice it all onsite. They only have one kind of cheese, provolone. And as boring and plain as this all looks, the sandwich was quite delicious. Sometimes, being complicated just complicates things. I quite enjoyed my simple turkey sub. They have some chips, some drinks, maybe even some cookies. But that’s about it. And that’s all I need. I’ll be happy to try this again!

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