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Franzone’s Lunch

I met up with some fellow Franzone’s lovers to get a pie. Just looking at it makes me hungry. I asked the surly waitress for a cup of extra sauce, and to my surprise, she totally came through! Yes, this pizza is about the thin crispy crust but really, the sweet sauce is definitely what makes it. And having extra sauce to dip the slices into, gah, the best thing ever!Franzone’s Pizzeria
200 W Ridge Pike
Conshohocken, PA 19428

Coyote Crossing Conshy

Went to a little happy hour at Coyote Crossing the other night. It’s literally a hop, skip, and a jump from work. I was here once before, years and years ago. I don’t remember being all that impressed with the food, but I remember the margaritas and how strong ass they were. I didn’t drink that night, but I did eat because I was pretty starving by the time I showed up. Chips and pico de gallo. Good chips. Very good chips. Very crunchy and not greasy. The pico was alright, a little on the plain side. Not at all spicy, which is not a good thing.
There are some chicken fajitas. They weren’t anything spectacular, but they were pretty good. The chicken was mighty tasty and perfectly cooked. The fixins didn’t excite me very much. And now I’m looking at the tomatoes and thinking damn, I ate them. Please salmonella gods, please spare me.
Shrimp quesadillas. These little suckers were surprisingly good. Next time, I’ll get a designated driver and drink a margarita. Seriously, one if probably all I’ll need. They have outdoor seating too. But it started storming right after I got there that night so everyone that was outside had to scurry it back inside. Their music selection needs to be a little less schizo. It was a random mix of tejano dance, disco, and Michael Jackson.

Boathouse Nachos

Oh Boathouse, how I loathe you so. I went to a happy hour the other day with a whole boatload of people. It was buy a pitcher, get free wings night. Not a bad deal, really. In fact, I actually might like their wings. But wings weren’t quite cutting it, so A and I decided to split some chicken nachos. These weren’t good at all. Not at all. But because I was drinking and hungry, I still ate them. The chips were soggy, the ingredients were not evenly distributed, or even nearly evenly distributed. They just weren’t very good. I didn’t pick the Boathouse. I would never pick the Boathouse. And I’ll never eat these nachos again.

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