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Pepperoncini Birthday Lunch

It was Big Kev’s birthday on Friday, so we took him out to Pepperoncini. He had seen my earlier post about this place, and was so swayed by my stupendous food blogging, that he personally selected it for his birthday lunch. That’s the power of this blog, people! :-)
R got a pasta dish. What was he thinking? He knew about the sandwiches, but he got pasta anyway. For shame! This was the Linguini Mastriciana, which came with pancetta, shallots, diced tomato, and extra virgin olive oil in a white wine sauce. While I’m sure it was good (he said it was), when it comes to lunch here, it’s all about the sandwiches! R got the chicken cutlet sandwich, which came with roasted red peppers, sweet garlic-herb mayo, and hunks of fontina cheese. And yeah, it’s on those conshohocken bakery rolls that are to die for!
The birthday boy got the roasted pork sandwich. The waitress had recommended it as one of the best items on the menu on our first visit. Big Kev loved this. This was the biggest sandwich of them all.
D got the chooch burger. It’s a burger, and it’s huge, and it too, comes on that awesome conshohocken bakery roll. I like how they hollowed out the top it so you can fit it on top of all the stuff.

I got the sandwich special, which was a sausage parm. Yes, it was good! As opposed to last time when the sandwiches came with boring chips, this time we got homemade potato chips, or what seemed to be homemade chips. These were superb. I even ate the ones off D’s plate cuz he wasn’t eating them. No point in wasting them!

Service was good, as usual. We got there pretty early and we were the only people there. But pretty soon, the place filled up. For such an unassuming hidden place, lots of the locals that work here seem to know about it. I truly think this is one of the best places to eat in Conshy.

Pepperoncini Restaurant & Bar
72 Poplar St
Conshohocken, PA 19428


I drive the same way to work every day, down Elm St. And every day, I pass by an unassuming restaurant called Pepperoncini. I’ve never ever thought of going into this place. Not once. But for a few weeks, people at work have been talking about it. R wanted to escape the office Thursday, so we decided to stop by. Are we ever glad we did!

The place is totally cute. And there’s a nice little bar inside too. They have a simple lunch menu, with sandwiches, pasta, and pizza. R got the italian sausage sandwich with broccoli raab. Do you see how big this is? And the bread… the glorious bread! It’s crusty and crispy and chewy with the perfect amount of sesame seeds. I’m in love with this bread. It’s from the Conshohocken Bakery. I’m totally going there to pick up some of this awesome bread.

As for me, I got the hot roast beef sandwich. Totally good. So big that I couldn’t finish it. We both totally love this place now, as much as we love this bread. The service was great, our waitress was super friendly and helpful. The place was filled with a nice professional lunch crowd. Yey for secret little spots in Conshy!

Pepperoncini Restaurant & Bar
72 Poplar St
Conshohocken, PA 19428

Why Does Everyone Think Blackfish Only Serves Seafood?

Whenever we go out to lunch at work, we end up at places like the Great American Pub (bad), the Boathouse (worse), or Chiangmai (good). I’ve been wanting to go to Blackfish for awhile, and I finally got a chance to go. I had a little lunch date with my old teammates. Yeah, that’s right, I have old teammates now. Whoo hoo! But I digress…

It’s an adorable little BYOB tucked between the Pub and the Boathouse. You’d never know that something like this would be on Conshy’s main strip. The place is really bright and clean and simple. You can’t smoke there. There’s no frat boys. There’s al fresco dining.
The lunch menu is sparse, and surprisingly, with only one seafood choice. I’d been hearing about their burgers, so I had to get one. In fact, we all got the burger. Then everybody asked why we ate burgers at a seafood restaurant. They didn’t see the menu! I also heard that their pot pie and the shepherd’s pie were also quite awesome. That’s for next time.

Even the drinks came in big wine glasses. Fancy schmancy. Their tables were very very shiny and black. R couldn’t stop pointing that out.

The burger? Mine was loaded with extremely thick bacon and caramelized onions. Oh, how I love caramelized onions. This burger was ginormous, and delicious. It came between a brioche bun. All in all, this burger almost rivals the burgers at Good Dog. But I said almost. I’m still devoted to the Good Dog burger, but this comes a close second. The fries were also pretty damn good. I asked for my burger to be well done (I always do, sorry) and it defintely was well done. In fact, it was a little charred, but that’s ok, I like things charred.

Service was good. We got there pretty early and were the only ones there for a bit. But eventually, the place filled up with business-type folk wearing khakis and polos. It’s a nice and peaceful respite from the keg parties going on next door.
Blackfish on Urbanspoon

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