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Conshy’s Main Strip – Tony And Joe’s

It ended up being a crazy week of pasta for me. We stopped by Tony and Joe’s for lunch during the week. You wouldn’t know it from the outside, but it’s not just a pick-up joint here… they actually have an adorable little dining area inside.

T went with the eggplant parm. Biggest plate of eggplant parm I’ve ever witnessed in my life. HA! Those veggies aren’t just plain… they were loaded with garlicky and buttery goodness!

R went with her trusty old standby – ravioli.

I ordered the rigatoni. The only rigatoni on the menu was rigatoni abruzzi… which was supposed to come with sausage in a spicy sauce. I ended up with plain old rigatoni with a red sauce. It was fine and all, but plain as all get out. I don’t know what happened… You also get garlic bread, which was pretty good. And soup or salad… we all got salad. My russian dressing was really really weird. Service was pretty good. All the pasta was made to order so it took a bit of time, but not tremendously long. It’s a nice hidden option on Conshy’s main strip.

Great American Pub – Conshy

We had a newbie join our team, so we took her out for a first day lunch last Monday. After we all voted against the Boathouse, we ended up at the next worst thing next door, the Great American Pub.

I didn’t want to traumatize the new girl by taking photos of everybody’s food, so I just stuck with mine. I got the chicken corn chowder, which was a special of the day. It wasn’t very chowdery. It was more like cream of chicken soup with some chicken and a very few pieces of corn thrown in. Not horrible, but really, it was kind of a misnomer.
I got the gulf coast salad, which had lettuce, croutons, bacon, and tomatoes, tossed with a combo of thousand island and caesar dressings. This was alright, nothing spectacular, but a safe choice. It was basically a bacon salad with some veggies thrown in. I’m not sure which I like less, the Boathouse or this place. Honestly, I think it’s a tossup.

Boathouse… Again!

I ended up at the Boathouse again for a post-work thing. Why do they always pick the Boathouse? I know there aren’t many options in Conshy, but why? Why?

Shockingly, I actually liked my food this time. I got the fish and chips, and while the chips were blah, the fish was actually great! It was a good sized filet of tilapia encrusted with panko breadcrumbs and fried. It was surprisingly good. I also had a Rising Moon beer which is made by the folks at Blue Moon. Also surprisingly good, smooth, and almost too easy to drink. It’s a good thing I didn’t stay very long or I could have drank way too many of these.

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