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Boathouse Lunch

Why is it that we always end up at the damn Boathouse for lunch? Well, we rarely go out to eat… there’s very few selections in downtown Conshohocken, and it’s damn skippy close. I wish there were more choices around here.

D got the french onion soup (I’m totally into french onion soup) and hot popcorn shrimp. That toast looks a little burnt, no? I tasted one of these shrimp… um… it was popcorn shrimp covered in tabasco. Not really something I would ever choose to eat again. I love me some hot sauce, but it should be a seasoning, not the seasoning.

R got a mushroom sandwich. This sandwich would be my ultimate nightmare… I don’t like mushrooms (except for a select few kinds) so to have it be the main ingredient of a sandwich… eeg. But I snagged some of her fries.I got one of the specials, which was a spinach salad with blackened mahi mahi. It came with a dijon dressing, but I passed on that since I don’t like mustard. This salad was alright. Perfectly acceptable, but nothing exciting. Seriously, their food isn’t that great. It’s a good thing they sell booze here…

Conshy Chinese

I usually don’t go out for lunch during the week. We get few a couple days a week, and for the rest of the week, I brown bag it or grab something quick from Wawa. The other day, R wanted to grab some chinese, so I thought I’d go along. We hopped on over to Golden Dragon in Conshy, which is in Plymouth Square shopping center, where the REI is. It’s one of these non-descript chinese joints with no windows. And on the inside, some booths along the edge with red fabric, some tables, and chinese zodiac placemats.

R went simple with wonton soup and an eggroll. Soup? Just fine and dandy. I went with one of the $6 lunch specials – beef with broccoli. Came with soup and eggroll, and fried rice. The eggroll wasn’t too great, it was more weird. Random shredded dried stuff on the inside, couldn’t really tell what it was. But yes, I ate it anyway!

The entree was quite fine. A bit salty for me, but otherwise, a perfectly acceptable lunch special offering. The veggies were quite fresh. I even had so much that I got to eat it for dinner… I love leftovers! The service was ok too, it’s a total family run place. The two ladies working the joint that day looked exactly alike, and had the same funny curly short hairdos. Are there better chinese restaurants around? Hell yes! But it’s fine for a quick lunch bite.

Thai Lunch – Chiangmai

I just had a birthday, and they took me out for a birthday lunch to beautiful downtown Conshohocken. Our destination was Chiangmai. This is very prototypical of other small thai places. They have a great lunch special, and most of us partook. Instead of the regular lemongrass soup (tom yum), I mixed it up this time, and went with something called jasmine soup. It wasn’t too exciting, but quite palatable. A light chicken broth with some lightly cooked veggies and mushrooms. Very plain.

A few peeps got the thai dumplings as an appetizer. These are deep fried and filled with pork and veggies. It comes with a sweet soy and sesame sauce. These are damn good and meaty. I got the tulip dumplings. It’s basically like shumai, and they are steamed. These were alright. They came with the same sauce as the thai dumplings. I like the thai dumplings better.

D ordered the red curry with beef. He liked it, but said it wasn’t spicy enough. It had two stars of spicy. K ordered sweet and sour chicken. He’d never had thai food before, so this was a completely new experience for him. But he didn’t want to be too experimental, so he went with sweet and sour chicken, always a very safe choice. Overall, he enjoyed his thai food experience. Good for him. He’s expanding his food horizons.

R ordered the thai eggplant with chicken. She loves this dish. And now I know why. Bit hunks of asian eggplant in a brown sauce with slices of chicken breast. Delicious. I went with my old standby, drunken noodles. I always get this, and here, it’s extra good. Nice pieces of chicken breast, fresh and big pieces of noodles, spicy, but not too spicy. You know I love this dish.

Service at Chiangmai is fairly good. It gets very crowded and busy during lunch rush, but the waitresses are very nice and the food comes out quite quickly. The water doesn’t get filled very often, but I won’t hold that against them. It’s also a BYOB. R also got me balloons and brownies for the bday. It was a fun and gluttonous day. Yes, that is a foot on my desk.

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