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Work Lunch Outing

I typically don’t go out to eat lunch during the week. Sometimes I’ll go and grab food, but most of the time when we’re not being fed, I will bring my own. Last week my team went out for our “last supper” lunch. We’re getting a new boss. It’s quite a traumatic thing. It deserved some team commiserating. Since we’re in Conshy, there weren’t many options, and noone wanted to make a decision, so we ended up at the Boathouse. It’s not an exciting place, but it’s somewhere to go.

D got a burger of some kind. There’s bacon on it. Can’t go wrong with bacon! K got a chicken BLT sandwich? Looks pretty good, eh? The kept poaching his fries, they were good. Again, bacon on his sandwich, another winner.

R went with the chicken pesto sandwich. It’s got feta cheese on it. I’m not a fan of feta cheese, but otherwise, the sandwich sure looks good. See, it comes on a fancy “rustic focaccia” roll. I went with the good ol soup and sandwich combo. It was the soup of the day – shrimp and roasted corn chowder. Pretty good I must say. The salad was a big house salad. Much bigger than I expected. Good croutons. I picked the sesame ginger dressing. It wasn’t as much dressing as it was a marinade, so it was a bit on the strong side. I shoulda gone with vinaigrette. I had my first leinenkugel that day. You know what, I enjoyed it. Probably a bit too much…

Another Random Conshy restaurant

S was in town from LA last week and she took us out to eat at the Stonewell Restaurant, a local Conshohocken sushi / korean joint. It’s in an unfortunate location on very busy Ridge pike, and in a homely standalone building. I think it used to be a different sushi/korean place, but now it’s called the Stonewell. Whatever.

The coolest thing about the joint is that when you walk in, there’s a big stuffed hammerhead shark looking at you. This is definitely the first sushi restaurant I’ve been to who enjoys displaying taxidermy. The place itself on the inside is hideously 80’s with bad pink wallpaper and really 80’s furniture. It’s fairly small, with a tiny little sushi bar. When we went, there was only a handful of people there. It made me feel a bit sad.

The menu is standard sushi/japanese fare with a smattering of korean dishes thrown in. I’m assuming koreans own the place. Most sushi places are run by koreans, whereas most korean places are not run by japanese, so my assumption is probably a pretty good one. I went with dolsot bibimbap, which is the mixed rice in the hot sizzling stone bowl. It comes with all the fixins laid on top, and you mix it yourself with however much of the spicy kochujang you want. I like mine spicy. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It’s the best bibimbap you’ll find in Conshohocken! Ha!

S got hwae dup bap, which is mixed rice topped with a bunch of sashimi. I’m not sure why, but I never eat this stuff. I mean I like the mixed rice part and I like sashimi, but I guess I just choose not to mix the stuff together. She seemed to like her food just fine. It’s definitely a very pretty dish.

I guess if you’re really hankering for korean food and you can’t stray far from where the Stonewell is, then it will serve your needs. But really, you should drive the few miles down the street to Norristown and go to August Moon. It’s far superior, even though that’s in a rather ghetto area. The service at the Stonewell was rather slow. It was one little lady, she was probably the wife, and the guy making the sushi was probably the husband. I wonder if it gets hopping at night?

Stonewell Restaurant
415 W Ridge Pike
Conshohocken, PA

Random Bites

At work, there are very few places to eat, at least within walking distance. Downtown Conshy has a few decent choices, but down where we are, there are only a few options. One is the Mona Lisa Cafe, which is next to one of the bigger office buildings. It’s not that exciting of a place. I had the chicken quesadillas there the other day, and it wasn’t half bad! I was quite pleased.

For Wednesday’s lunch, we had another new and interesting one, made-to-order stir fry from a catering company. I was quite leery of an american catering company making stir fry. It wasn’t anything special, as I couldn’t really put my finger on what flavoring it was. Let’s just say it was “asian” or “oriental”. It wasn’t bad though, as I got to pick my meat of choice, and I picked shrimp. They were big and pretty good. The fried rice was pretty blah and and egg roll was pretty bad. It was all weird and soggy and had big chunks of mushy vegetables. However, the fortune cookies they served were some of the best I’ve ever had. So fresh and crunchy. Yum.

The other night, I tried out some Trader Joe’s eats – chicken masala and garlic naan, both from the freezer aisle. The chicken wasn’t bad, it was a bit watered down though. It comes with brown rice which didn’t do it for me. When I eat indian food, I just expect basmati rice. It would have been much better with just normal basmati rice. The brown rice, especially since it was frozen and then nuked, was quite soggy. Now the naan! It was so good! Yes, it’s frozen, but after you heat it up in the overn for just a few minutes, it really does taste fresh! Like it just came out of whatever oven naan is normally made in. I will definitely be buying the naan again! I could eat it just by itself.

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