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Cake and the Beanstalk

Before heading over to Reading Terminal Market to get some hot donuts, we stopped at Cake and the Beanstalk for a few coffees and bites. It’s an adorable, colorful, and whimsical bakery and cafe on Locust. The owner was a pastry chef at several leading restaurants in Philadelphia before opening up his own place. There’s all kinds of baked goods that change daily. They also have coffee and tea happy hours.
We got a slice of the strawberry pound cake. Ooh… this thing was unbelievably dense and moist, sweet and delicious. I could have eaten the whole damn cake!
Here’s what I would say is the best darn iced latte in the entire city. I’m not sure what kind of magical milk they use, but this is the creamiest and dreamiest, yet strong latte I’ve had all summer. I challenge you to find a better one! And two people can’t be wrong, right?
Although it’s a small space, there’s plenty of seating in this extremely colorful Dr. Seuss inspired room. There’s also a teeny little outdoor area. Or you could chill in the big window seat by the bakery counter! I can’t wait to try more of their sweets!
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Bring Your Own Pepto

I could care less for football but sometimes, when people gather to watch, there’s good food involved. And when I say good food, I mean delicious food that is horrible for you. Chips, dips, and cookies. That’s a heart attack trifecta right there.
Then D went to Tommy Gunn’s and picked up some philly style spare ribs! Yep, this is good stuff.
There was also some pulled pork. Most everyone made pulled pork sandwiches, but I decided to up the health quotient by making little pulled pork chips out of them.

Xmas Dinner

Our family christmas feast seemed like a near carbon copy of our thanksgiving feast.
We had the kalbi stew, again.
We had chicken wings, again. But this time, they were a tiny bit burnt. Thanks toaster oven!
Yep, here’s the japchae, again. We’re like a broken record, right?
Kimchi, because no korean meal is ever complete without it.
Oh wait! Something different! Tempura shrimp! We did not have this at thanksgiving.
And more! Ddukpokki, which is one of my favorite korean foods, ever! My aunt’s friend A made it, and she makes some of the best darn ddukpokki this side of the east china sea.
And christmas cookies, courtesy of my cousin’s girl. We certainly did not have christmas cookies at thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a nice holiday season this year!

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