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Beau Monde Crepes

When the weather gets nice for outdoor dining, I always like to take advantage. One of the nicest spots to dine al fresco has and always will be Beau Monde. They even have umbrellas so you can avoid the evil direct rays of the soleil. Yeah, I speak francais real good.
I got the savory crepe of the day which was some type of grilled chicken breast with chipotle and grilled corn and cheese and a side of apple pepper salsa. It was pretty good, but surprisingly not nearly as flavorful as one would have guessed. Despite all the color, ingredients, and hoopla, it was rather bland.
This is B’s savory crepe – scrambled eggs with roasted poblano peppers, tomatoes, swiss cheese, avocado corn salsa, and caramelized tomato sauce. It’s one of the recommended brunch crepes and this one definitely won out. It was so much better than mine and this one’s hoopla ended up with a wonderful combination of flavors! Maybe I’m better at picking sweet crepes.

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Beau Monde – Dinner After Dinner

After the awesome dinner at Adsum, we went crazy and decided to have essentially another meal, under the guise of dessert. So we walked down the street to Beau Monde for crepes and hot chocolate. We faced one slight problem though. The hot chocolate wasn’t hot at all. In fact, it was positively lukecold. It’s a damn shame because it still tasted ok pretty much cold, so just imagine how good it could have been if it had been even at least warm. Don’t call something hot chocolate and not serve it hot. Beau Monde, this isn’t rocket science!
E had actually never been here before, so we had to get crepes. She got the seasonal berries. She loved it, and who wouldn’t. These are some of the best crepes known to man.
I went extremely simple and got fresh lemon and chestnut cream. It was simply perfect. It’s just too bad our hot chocolate was so darn cold. It was a completely unnecessary meal, but sometimes, you just have to be extra gluttonous!

Lemon Crepes

What an amazing first meal to have in Dublin. I was seriously lacking sleep having just flown overnight into a european morning. While roaming around the Grafton St area a bit, I happened upon Lemon Crepe & Coffee. I actually remembered the location of this place. I don’t necessarily remember the restaurant being this restaurant when I was last in Dublin (years ago now) but I definitely remember the corner it was on. And that whatever restaurant it may have been those many years ago, it was always busy and full of people. I was not only tired, but starving, so I gave this a go. I thought this place would be a safe bet. Good decision girl!

I got the house special lemon crepe. It’s served with organic syrup and a lemon wedge. And I also got a latte. Yes, I needed to stay awake! I honestly don’t think much was in this crepe, if anything, but it doesn’t really matter, because it’s perfect. I haven’t had that many crepes in my life, but this was the best one yet, and it had no fillings of any kind. It was the batter that made it so good. I could eat this all the time. Just plain. It needs no accessories!!! Not that the syrup and lemon weren’t good on it, but it’s not necessary. And it’s big too! The latte was also excellent. He asked me if I wanted it strong or not, and I said not. I’m still in the process of acclimating myself to caffeine again. But it must have been not too strong, because I did just fine. This place is teeny tiny, and there are only a few spots inside and a few spots outside. Cash only folks, so bring your Euros!

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