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I Heard It Through The Crepevine

Ever driven from LA to San Francisco? Well, now I have. And I have to say, it’s actually fairly easy. 6 hours, but it didn’t seem that long at all. And the scenery isn’t half bad either. So when we got to the bay area, we were famished, so we had to eat! I was being dropped off at Foster City, so I suggested stopping in Burlingame to get something to eat. After we parked the car, I asked a random stranger where we should eat, and she suggested the Crepevine. It’s a fairly casual joint, which sells crepes, salads, sandwiches, and breakfast stuff. Their menu is written in giant colorful blackboards. There are a handful of Crepevines in California.We both got savory crepes. The tuscany crepe had chicken with mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted almonds, provolone, feta, and pesto. The bombay crepe had chicken with spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions with a curry sauce. The tuscany crepe was great, even though I’m not typically into pesto. The bombay crepe had good flavor, but it was kind of filled with stuff I don’t like, so I had to pick around lots of stuff. It was a bit of work. All crepes are served with a side salad and some home fries. These home fries were really herby and awesome. It was a nice meal after a nice ride.
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Beau Monde Weekend

Over the long labor day weekend, somehow I ended up going to Beau Monde for two brunches in a row. Not complaining, but it was just unplanned, unexpected, and something I don’t typically do (go to the same restaurant two days in a row). On Saturday, the place was unusually deserted for a Saturday at 11AM. Perhaps everybody had left to get a last weekend in down the shore? And there were even tons of tables outside.

Moooooooooooo…I just liked this tin measuring cup the sweeteners came in. Me and my macros. So sue me.
The savory crepe special of the day… Pancetta, eggplant, tomatoes, and other stuff. Tasted sort of like thanksgiving stuffing on the inside, with pancetta on top. Really quite delicious, and worth the price. Their specials are always pretty pricey.I wanted the same pancetta / eggplant savory crepe special on Sunday, but they did not have any savory specials on Sunday. But we did manage to get an outside table in about 15 minutes. Score! Moms got the same scrambled egg with blueberry and maple syrup crepe she got before. Way to go mom, for being adventurous and trying something new.
W went wild and got the ham and cheese. The bro went real buck wild and got the chocolate, toasted coconut, and coffee ice cream sweet crepe, without the toasted coconut. But oh yeah, even though he asked for no coconut, it came with it anyway.
For me, I got the scrambled eggs with roasted poblanos, tomatoes, cheese, avocado corn salsa, and caramelized tomato sauce. This was seriously so damn good, and so filling, that I could not possibly finish it. We also got a side of the baby red potatoes, which were also quite good. Service was fine, nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about. And I took a bunch of their matches. Still one of my favorite places for Brunch.
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Post-Fest Beau Monde

I spent Saturday at the Popped! Philadelphia Music Festival. I was just being a music fan, as well as helping out a bit spreading the Yelp love, so I had the privilege of infiltrating the VIP area few times throughout the day. The VIP area was the only place where you could get booze. And since it was free, I couldn’t help but partake. There was also some free finger foods. Good hummus.Afterwards, C suggested that we go to Beau Monde for crepes. Who am I to argue? C got one of the savory crepe specials, achiote pulled pork with other mexican-ish ingredients. Man, this thing was so good. And so expensive. But kind of worth it.

I wanted to go for my regular banana, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla ice cream sweet crepe, but we got there pretty late and they were out of white chocolate as well as chestnut cream. The waitress suggested banana with dulce de leche so I went for it. Ok, so this was good, but way too rich. I could barely eat it because it was so darn sweet. Don’t get me wrong I liked it, but really, I can only take so much sweet. I had to get the ice cream on the side on account of C’s lactose intolerance, and because I can actually be nice, so there you go.

It was a really hot day, but had thankfully cooled off at night, so we got to eat outside. It was lovely and lively. A great way to end a long music-filled day.

PS – There’s only 2 unisex bathrooms at Beau Monde. Again, doesn’t this seem like this isn’t enough? The regular one is kind of on the small side, but the handicapped one is nice and roomy. Go for that one if you can. It’s really cute too, with some kind of fancy faux painting technique on the walls and real flowers, plus big old metal milk jugs as trash cans.

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