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Philly’s French District, Representin’

On Sunday we headed into town to see the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute (the next leg in the all weekend birthday extravaganza). Before that, we made a pit stop at La Creperie Cafe in Philadelphia’s French district. Yeah, I didn’t know we had a French district either. But apparently we do. I think it’s half a block long! My Sister-in-law found it in some “what to do in Philly” site. It’s a cute little French cafe, and they serve regular French food along with sweet and savory crepes. They also serve brunch on Sundays. We’d eaten lunch already, so we just stopped in to have some dessert crepes.

Yum, they were as good as they look! I had “La Finale”, which had Flambé Banana in Rum, Strawberries & Coulis de Chocolat. Yummy, I love cooked bananas! Mon frere and ma soeur went with the “La Chouette” – Strawberries, Crème Fraîche, Sugar & Coulis de Chocolat. And ma mere picked the “Le Fraisier” Strawberries, Sugar, Rum & Whipped Cream. We all loved it! I don’t do the cafe/caffeine thing, so I just had a water, but they got a few coffee/mochaccino type things. I think they liked the coffees. We all definitely loved the crepes!

It’s not an inexpensive place. With four crepes and three coffees, the bill came out to about $50 in the end. And that was just for dessert. It’s certainly not like walking around in Paris and grabbing a crepe from a cart for 2 euros. But we all agreed that it was well worth it! One thing that I do have to critique is their tables. They have these rickety bamboo like tables that really don’t seem like they would hold anything. I think for a restaurant, they should have much sturdier tables. But hey France, we do love your crepes!

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